Best Serious Cycle for size in a hurry?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by initiative, Jun 29, 2009.

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    initiative Junior Member

    Hey,I want to get into a serious cycle a.s.a.p i have access to a few decent labs and a wide variety of roids at this point, i would like to keep it relativly cheap say.....under 700 with all therapys and protiens/novadex etc included i am looking to gain decent size and strenght along with fair definition as quick as possible, i was a moderate weight lifter a while ago and am regaining my love for the gym so training shouldnt be a problem.....any cycle suggestions? thanks
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    eazy-e Junior Member

    read phreezers sticky about that first cycles...good starting point to get you going
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    dougdr Junior Member

    most important thing you should know is pinning yourself WILL NOT MAKE YOU HUGE takes years of hard training and strict diet/sleep/lifestyle will help but you must have everything bang on aswell
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    lastchance Junior Member

    100mg anadrol ed
    100mg tren a ed
    100mg test p ed
    100mg mast ed
    100mg winny ed

    Oh shit, thats all ready over $700. Dam and there are so many more compounds.

    Dude, do some research. This shit is not a magic cape. You don't even have me convinced you are going to train hard. Do you know anything about how to stop gyno if it kicks off. I had to learn the hard way.........You don't .....if you just slow your roll and do some reading, asking questions, and realize aas are only 25% of the package!

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    dennis Member

    initiative,listen to yourself.."i "was" a "moderate" weight lifter "awhile" ago and am regaining my love for the gym "so training should not be a problem"[:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)]
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    MaduluMaN Junior Member

    what everyone is trying to say in there own way IS..................we arent goin to help u unless u help urself first.........noone wants to see anyone else have a bad experience with sauce when they dont have to......just read man u have A LOT to learn ........ consider urself lucky u found this site before u did anything cause 75% of us didnt and we went through avoidable problems.............
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    Renegade69 Member

    Huge fast usually equals sides. Get your feet wet before you jump in. Your asking about the strongest compounds and whatnot BUT you'll find yourself in trouble if you use them especially with no prior experience and knowledge. Read as much as you can!!!! Just to point you in the right direction a good first cycle is 500mg test enanthate/wk for 10 weeks and about 30-40mg of dianabol for the first 3/4 weeks. Look into pct- it is crucial. Also read up on a compound called arimidex. Im sure this isn't what you want to hear but its true. Read as much as possible and learn from the mistakes of others.
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    Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

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    jasco Junior Member

    there is no magic takes time, serious lifting and nutrition. I would start with a mild cycle of 200mg deca per week plus 15mg dinabol daioly (thai pinks if you can get them)... also get some clomid for the recovery.
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    lou123 Junior Member

    Deca and Dbol ? This must be the 80's, lol

    I'm not going to lecture you but you would be well off listening to those posts before mine about training /sleep/nutrtion. Although i think drugs are more than 25% of it those are all very important if you wantt to get big and stay big.

    The best cycle toget big fast IMO is testosterone suspension and anadrol, you'll look noticeably larger in a week.
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    jasco Junior Member

    he will loose it all if he does anadrol and test suspenion..
    yes deca and dbol was popular in te 80s but the stack works and he will keep the gains
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    lou123 Junior Member

    He didn't ask if he would lose it just how to get big fast.

    I'm sure it works but a lot of guys get Deca Dick without test

    I doubt very much he's keeping the Dbol gains as it's mostly water.
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    lastchance Junior Member

    Do not listen to this shit.........Deca is not a good first cycle. Dbol and deca?? First cycle! Bullshit!
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    jasco Junior Member

    well it worked for me 20 yers ago! LOL

    deca dick sucks....

    what do YOU recommend for a first cycle? why not instruct the young dudes to go light????

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    lastchance Junior Member

    If this guy had his ducks in a row and was ready to commit to training, diet, AI's.

    Very simple 250-300mg test 2xaw 10-12 weeks. The gains will be great! Proper pct and retention should also be real good. adex on hand! nolvadex 20/20/20/20 PCT.

    Very simple.

    Dbol would be ok wk 1-4 as kicker. But I would use 100mg prop eod.:cool:
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    dennis Member

    All of the advice given to this guy about cycles is useless and should not be given ! He does not know how to train or eat !
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    lastchance Junior Member

    Agreed......I'm done!
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    TheeBC Junior Member

    800 dollars woot woot am I lucky?

    1-10 Prop 200mg/EOD
    1-9 tren A 50-75mg/EOD
    4-10 anavar 100mg/ED
    1-10 Letro 1MG E3D or .4MG ED
    1-9 hcg 500 iu x2/wk
    1-10 Caber 500mg x2/wk

    nolva 40/40/20/20
    clomid 150(first 3 days, then 100) 100/50/50
    Sustain Alpha 5/5/4/4
    DHEA 25mg 2xED
    clen 40mcg ED
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    lastchance Junior Member

    What is your cycle and training history? Drop the HCG down to 250iu, 500mg of caber??? NO! (.25ed)
    I'm going to say your PCT is a little extreme.......You don't need nolvadex and clo. Pick clo if you can handle feeling like a winny bitch! I like adex, not Letro.......

    Good luck!
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    arctic wolverine

    arctic wolverine Junior Member

    Amazing first post, KUDO's to you!!!

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