Best sites to purchase top gear?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by BigG50, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. BigG50

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    ive been hearing some websites sell junk gear. New to the dark side I’m sure I’ll be buying a lot in the future. Nothing worse than injections of cooking oil sold by some Rat overseas sight that promises the true gear.
    Anyone have any places they could suggest where I know I’m spending money on legit gear?

    Respect Always.
  2. Holidaypay

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    Steroid underground
  3. BigG50

    BigG50 Member

    Where do I find the shopping list;)
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  4. T-Bagger

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    Gotta do your research bro. Read up in the Underground and make an informed choice based off of what you find.
  5. tengtren

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  6. Evom1

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    By actually reading some fucking threads and not asking to be spoon fed

    Start with elite labs or hammer
  7. BigG50

    BigG50 Member

    I’ll do that Sir, Thank you.
  8. Holidaypay

    Holidaypay Member

    Don't use those just read
  9. BigNattyDaddy

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    Shopping list? This ain't Costco lol.
  10. BigG50

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    That’s funny.
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  11. BigG50

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    This is the first forum I’ve ever been on. I have no idea what’s cool to ask or what’s not. Just asking. How the fuck am I suppose to know. The Test E I got from Canada don’t even have a company name on it. Could be fucking olive oil I’m blasting. Just fucking asking.
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  12. T-Bagger

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    Don’t ask for sources or who’s good to go. Do your research and arrive at your own conclusions based on what you read and others are saying. Go to the Steroid Underground and check out the sources there. You’re Canadian and not in the US?
  13. PrinceLambo

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    Am I the only that thinks people are cops when they ask how to find sources?
  14. T-Bagger

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    LOL, to me the cops are the ones who go to the actual lab thread themselves, although you’re right - they could be playing dumb.
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  15. Holidaypay

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    Since your new to forums ill break it down meso is cuthroat we don't give a source a inch so any source on the underground that doesnt have every page filled with us telling them to fuck off is promising bad sources don't last or stay here the ones you c are here for a reason an check out it has surprise testing results on all sources so u can check there quality for yourself find one your interested in an check anabolic lab for there test results this os the most straight forward best answer your going to get now its up to you read an u will find everything you could want
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  16. PrinceLambo

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    Maybe I’m just paranoid lol
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  17. i want top gear too. We need a thread that's dedicated to spoon feeding. This should be that thread.
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  18. penche

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    Remember how you put the work in the gym that hard work? Researching better ways to target muscles, sets, reps, intensity etc. same goes with finding a source. Get in the underground research labs. Read the threads, do google searches, browse other forums that are actually sponsored steroid boards and browse there too if you want. The choices you have here are pretty good just gotta look and read. Good luck
  19. gr8whitetrukker

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    New guy mistake.

    Dont ask for sources

    Be proactive. Read. Participate. Form your own opinions. Youll be better off for it in the long run trust me. If some asshole points you in the right direction especially at this point in your career. He has alterior motives
  20. Eyeonly

    Eyeonly Junior Member

    New to this too. I have noticed that no one gives up the source. But I have seen and read that every one will give there review on certain gear.