Best steroid for injury recovery?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by arronz, Jan 3, 2012.

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    arronz Junior Member

    I have Chrondomalacia Patallae of my right knee. The only leg exercise i get are running with a knee strap,swimming and inverted squats. I really need to improve the strength in my right leg. My question is, is there a specific steroid that will help in bone/cartllage repair???

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    Monkey72 Junior Member

    Hi arronz,

    Personally, I did a lot of research on this as I underwent two surgeries last year - one for my neck (had 2 discs removed and a 4 disc 'cage' built for stenosis) and one for my back (had a lumbar fusion and cysts removed from 2 discs, as well as a laminectomy...also for stenosis). I was a bodybuilder before and didn't want to become a wreck from operations so I looked at testosterone and deca durabolin. The deca is the key since it helps rebuild bone, cartilage and tendon. It also acts like joint lube.

    I started 300 mg per week test and 150 mg per week nandrolone 1 month before the surgery and 10 months later I am finally tapering down due to blood pressure issues (it got a little high at the end). I healed amazingly fast and all the doctors pretty much know what happened but I can't admit anything. I am back to lifting over 100% of what I was when I went in, with some modifications, but not many. My first operation was in March and the 2nd in July. Between May and July I actually was forced to walk with a cane due to degradation.

    Now, be aware you can't just run deca alone unless you want a limp dick for a long time. Also, I realize that I am probably on TRT for life due to this stunt, even with weekly hcg injections. However, my wife watched me heal and defy expectaions, so both of us are happy. Also, keep an eye on your bloodwork, especially liver function, lipids and red blood cell count. You may generate too many red blood cells for your own good...this almost cost me one surgery since it was just above range.

    Anyway, just for stats before surgery I was 5'11" 210, with 16% BF. Now I am almost 6', 215 with 15% BF. I started lifting again 6 weeks after my back surgery at 60% of my best. Be careful with what you do, but research works.

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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    If there is a value to Deca, not better done by other anabolic steroids, it is this.

    It should not at all be considered a miracle healing agent to be relied on in most cases, but sometimes good things happen.

    I agree with what Monkey72 clearly must have concluded, given his choice, that it does not take high dosage; also that nandrolone alone will probably be unsatisfactory for libido; and also that extended use will probably give significant problem in recovering natural T production.

    However, with the dosage of Deca being kept this modest, I'd be more surprised at it proving impossible to recovery natural T production than at it being successfully done.

    But on the specific question of whether it can help chondromalacia patallae, I don't know and have doubt.

    In some cases chiropractic adjustment of the knee by an actually good chiropractor, massage or ultrasound work, with sometimes also orthotics and/or specific exercises being needed to correct imbalance.

    Generally there is a cause for the irritation, and addressing this is more important than medicating.
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    Monkey72 Junior Member

    Actually Bill, you make a good point. Knocking the irritation out would be most important. For me, it was surgery or I would become paralyzed soon via an accident or fall. I have noticed that injuries like rotator cuff problems heal in a week or two with deca and not a month or two. I just had a rotator cuff strain heal in two weeks.

    Anyway, I am happy to know I could get my normal function back since my dose was modest. I researched old mayo clinic articles before hormones got demonized and some mentioned using deca for back surgery healing. However, their doses were small next to bodybuilding doses, so I went on the high end of their research. I am obviously pleased with the results, and the deca has even helped heal scarring. You can't even tell my neck was cut open and my back, while the scar remains, is very light now.

    I'll be honest, I may just miss the stuff. It's not a miracle, but it sure did help!

    Take care and thanks,
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    On point and it works. I used similar doses to recover from 2 seperate injuries and 3 rhinoplasties. My Drs. watched in amazement as to the rapid rate of healing and recovery. I actually shared with 2 of them as to what I was using and they were simply impressed, but also aggrevated that they couldn't simply use the same Gear for other patients.

    Good Luck!

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