Best Steroid for Muscle Hardness and Vasularity?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Nitrust, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Nitrust

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    I am trying to stockpile atm, and I was wondering what is the best steroid for muscle hardness, vascularity and overall LBM.

    I was looking at maybe Mast E in conjunction with test e and maybe some TNE, but is there anything else?
  2. rutman

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  3. i second that tren
  4. pittbox

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    I had excellent results with EQ.
    You must go into the cycle as lean as possible to get best results, just like mast. Vascularity was unreal, I was popping veins across my abs and growing ropes on arms and calves.

    With EQ I had no sides, with mast I had terrible sides, mood swings, anxiety, gyno flare and bph almost immediately.
    I was pissing my pants for a month after I stopped it.
  5. Nitrust

    Nitrust Member

    Well, I was getting this for my second cycle. Do you think tren is good for a second cycle? If I did do tren it would probably be tren e because I don't think I can pin everyday. I mean I am around 10% right now (gained some fat in pct :(

    Either way I am gonna be stocking up for cycle far in the future so.. just looking for suggestions...

    What is the frequency of eq dosage?
  6. HuckingFuge

    HuckingFuge Member

    DHT's like Primo, Mast, and Winni for hardness and EQ for vascular. tren is great for hardness, but it will not make you vascular.
  7. Nitrust

    Nitrust Member

    So Bascially, Mast E will do the job in single digit bf %
  8. cyclone268

    cyclone268 Member

    If you're considering running tren on a second cycle (likely a bad idea), stay away from tren e. if you have a bad reaction, you'll be dealing with the sides for something like 14 days as opposed to 3-4 with tren a. as far as pinning frequency, you're probably gonna have to pin EOD or ED at some point bro :)

    for your second cycle, personally i'd do test/eq/possibly an oral like tbol. tbol will give you nice lean gains with minimal (if any) water retention. however, your cycle is only as good as your diet and training and rest. by rest i mean appropriate amounts of sleep and low stress levels.

    Boldenone undecylenate (the form of EQ you're likely to encounter) has a very long half life so dosing it on the same schedule as test e (2x weekly) is completely fine, i'd just put them in the same shot. however, since its such a long half life, most people recommend a 14 week cycle (if you do decide to run tren, do not run it this long) at minimum. there is another ester out there that you may want to look into (the name is slipping my mind), but good ole undecylenate should do you fine.

    hope this helps!

    edit: mast is almost guaranteed to screw with your hair line, but if you can handle it its an awesome hardening compound.
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  9. Nitrust

    Nitrust Member

    Well i have pretty thick hair and I don't think baldness runs in the family but if you think EQ would be better then I will grab that. I will be using this probably right before next summer.
  10. Nitrust

    Nitrust Member

    I will be running 80mg tbol for a kickstart for my first test e cycle (Astro gear)

    Second cycle I was thinking 50mg TNE for 40 days, test e at 600mg a week with 500 mg mast e
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  11. Naps-Support

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    I would look into masteron/ Halotestin/ MHN Methylhydroxynandrolone
    if you mix Halo with MHN i believe you have fund yourself a perfect stack
  12. ToxicEuphoria

    ToxicEuphoria Member

    If you don't want to pin very often, wouldn't TNE be the worst choice?
  13. heady muscle

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    Third Tren, but add Anavar and proviron and a smidgen of test.
  14. Nitrust

    Nitrust Member

    Yes, but I am hoping after my first cycle I would get used to it
  15. ToxicEuphoria

    ToxicEuphoria Member

    Oohh I see! Is that you in that pic? If it is, you're going to look amazing on gear. Good luck man

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  16. Y2JVD

    Y2JVD Member

    Any legit tbol for all day pumps. No water weight at all bc it doesn't aromatize and the gains are lean muscle mass
  17. mkhazen

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  18. hotdog23

    hotdog23 Member

    Is mast really that bad for prostate and hair? Low dose like 200mg/wk?

    Test e -300/wk
    Mast e-200/wk
    tren e- 400/wk

    What I'm lookin at for nx summer but I'll drop the mast if I'll be a 25 yr old bald ass with a softball for a prostate... In my understanding there is nothin you can do for the DHT sides from mast either. I got some finastetide to keep the test from converting so maybe it could balance out. What u guys think?
  19. noah_k

    noah_k Member

    I'd stay away from the tren as well if male pattern baldness is a concern. It's not affected by 5-ar either, finasteride won't help.
  20. MR10X

    MR10X Member

    All those are androgens,i would drop the TNE.600mg of test E is plenty,mast is ok but i lose hair with it quickly.