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    Hey guys, just curious what you think the best steroid for vascularity is. I know being low bf% before taking gear is the key to having increased vascularity but regardless of all the details. Say I’m 10% body fat right now, what steroid will increase my vascularity the most?
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    No steroid has a direct impact on
    large vessel (angiogenesis) vascularity.

    Such changes are largely the
    result of three factors

    1) blood volume
    2) cardiac output
    3) TBF to LBM ratio

    To that end FAT LOSS remains the most reliable means of achieving
    a pumped appearance, as it diminishes the amount of fat that
    is naturally surrounds VEINS.
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    masteron and tren

    You want DHT drugs. Masteron is probably the best, you may want to consider a cocktail of various ones.

    I’m currently using 50mg proviron, 50-100mg Anavar in addition to tren.
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    Anabolic aqua gives me skin ripping vascularity
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    I should also add blood volume can be increased thru the use of those AAS that increase E-2, and cardiac output, aerobic activity. But these effects won't be as apparent wo a reduction in TBF.

    And its for these reason lean fellas find a pump is easy to come by requiring only a few minutes on a total body workout device such as an elliptical runner.
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    I have never used, Adrol, dbol or proviron but I don’t get crazy vascularity from IM Peds except Tren, and Ment. Though vascularity and throbbing pumps are different. IMO the old designer orals give both! Superdrol , Msten, Dymethazine, Epistane, we’re unlike Var or winny the pumps were painful.
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  10. The pumps I’m getting now on SD are wild. Not like any other compound I’ve ever used. Doing leg presses today not only my legs but the veins in my shoulders and chest felt like they tripled in size each rep. We freaking nuts.
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    Panda express
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    The best steroid for vascularity is high intensity cardio consistently.
    If you want extreme vacularity add anything else that is at least moderately effective + 30 min to one hour of cardio per day.

    High intensity cardio reduces subcutaneous fat and causes the body to tend to prefer storage into the muscle Bc it can access it when it needs it.
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    viagra makes my veins pop out
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    That effect can wait until after the
    GYM :)
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    All true, but I think you know what he means. I hope Anavar, I just started it 2 days ago :shrugs: tren is better for composition for me.

    I didn't go with mast because I've never ran it before and read about bad acne? Even tho var is a dht like mast, I didn't find the same claims. I also started after a long time off the gym and filled with prison food so I wasn't as lean as I'd like to be when I started so I didn't think mast for worth it yet.
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    No acne whatsoever for me on Mast E. But I'm not acne prone.
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    Me either. But I am severely acne prone to compounds like tren (androgenic) and dbol (methyl-estrogen?) Mast is gtg for me even at 800mg/week- though I do get quite oily at higher doses.
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    Hmm interesting. Funny how certain types affect people so differently.
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    I've ran tren before that's why I went with it. Didn't want to risk it right before summer just incase. Plus I needed to mold out not finish off I wasn't lean enough at the time to take full advantage of the mast.
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    Hmm I hear ya. I'm not super lean but I'm running mast right now and absolutely loving it. I can feel the difference, but its just that no one can see the hardness until they put their hands on me and then theyre like 'omg what have you been doing with your triceps' and I'm like 'tricep pressdowns and masteron' hahaha. Its a shame because I feel pretty damn solid, even at this early stage but yeah, I'd love the difference to be more visible so you chose your compounds well.
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