Best steroids for runners?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dellguylike, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. dellguylike

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    Hi guys. I have a buddy who loves to run. He was wondering what the best stack for a runner would be? Any sugestions? Is Ethanate good for runners or to strong?
  2. einstein1905

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    I assume you mean he's a sprinter. A distance runner doesn't want the conversion of slow twitch fibers to fast twitch nor would he want the muscle mass that comes with it.

    If you meant sprinter, then most any AAS will work. It's all about how you train. There isn't a runner drug and a basketball player drug, etc. You have to train for movements specific to your sport. The increased strength (despite accompanying size in many cases) with the right training can and should improve anyone's performance.
  3. granby140

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    i woudlnt use winny because it might hurt th joints too much.
  4. womenrimmer

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    an Anavar by itself or equipoise/anavar stack is a great runner's test or test derivative's.they both reduce collagen synthesis,which can in turn lead to joint on the other hand,both eq.and anavar dramatically increase collagen synthesis thereby strengthening joints.both of these compounds also increase eundrance if he's a distance runner,but they also help increase speed very well if he's a sprinter.boxers love anavar and makes them fast as hell
    and increases endurance like you wouldn't believe,as long as training is right-on.
  5. Oxandrin

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    stay away from androgens if you are a runner
  6. 6 String

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    What about primo and deca? I remember that a few top triathletes got busted a few years back on these.
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    Winstrol is used on race horses so I am pretty sure it will work well for a runner.

  9. einstein1905

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  10. 6 String

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    Obviously Ben Johnson was a sprinter. I'm assuming that your buddy is a distance runner, or you would have said track/sprinter. A few top Ironman distance athletes got busted for Deca in the mid-90's. From personal experience as a distance athlete, I'd stay far away from Winny.
  11. Bob Smith

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    If there is a chance of drug testing, then deca/EQ are both very bad ideas.

    Primo or Anavar would be good choices, if you can find real stuff. I would avoid winny because running is already hell on joints, you dont need to make it worse.