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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by la_triathlete, Oct 15, 2007.

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    la_triathlete Junior Member

    Situation: taking 30-40mg dbol/ day

    1. What is the best way to space out dosages assuming 3-4 dosages of 10mg throughout the day?
    2. Should a dose be taken right before working out, right after working out, or does it not matter?

    Any other thoughts you think would be helpful regarding when to take dbol during the day would be much appreciated.

    thanks guys......
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    1. Take 10mg every 3-5 hours or so to maintain stable blood levels.. ie, if you wake up @ 8am, take 10mg, then around 11am or noon, take 10mg, then around 3-4 take 10mg, then around 8 or 9 take the final 10mgs

    2. Doesn't really matter.. some guys claim it gives you a "strength boost" if you take it pre-workout, but thats most likely a placebo effect, but if it works for you, go ahead and do it! But there is really no science behind it.

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    la_triathlete Junior Member

    Hey RPM,

    Thanks for the reply. Two last questions:

    1. Are there any issues (plus or minus) regarding taking dbol with our without food?

    2. If the amount to be taken is 35mg, 3 dosages of 10mg and one dosage of 5mg, would it be better to take that 5mg as your first dosage, last doages, or does it not matter.

    Thanks again,

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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    1. supposedly it absorbs better when taken without food, or at least 30min prior to eating. But it really doesn't matter too much.

    2. doesn't matter at all
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    solo47 Member

    Take with food or a protein shake. Dbol can cause terrible acid indigestion or gastritus.

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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    I prefer empty stomach although everyone reacts differently. Although using with a Protein or meal replacement is not a bad idea either.
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    Bigkarch Member

    it really doesnt matter too much can take it all 1x per day vs 3-5 a day and you wont notice a difference in strength or size....taking dbol 4x per day is a bit too much and not needed...whether it be on an empty stomach or before or after a workout..doesnt will not see a differnce in strength or size...maybe in a blood test..but not strength or size....

    IMO, I would take it twice per in the morning and one in the afternoon...thats all...good luck
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    strongarm Junior Member

    space it out , you wanna keep blood levels stable , to get the most bang fro you buck.. for people taking 50mgs caps. and only taking 50mgs i take it first thing in the morning.
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    chewiechomp Junior Member

    I hear that taking it with grapefruit juice greatly increases it's availability to your body. Don't know too much about it tho...
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    bigbench Member

    Yes, there was a study about the affects on grapefruit juice and presciption drugs. Not sure what site is was on at the moment. But the study was on regualr prescription drugs, not aas. Im not sure if the chemical structure of oral aas makes a difference with the juice, but in the other drugs, they actually had to lower some peoples dosages because they were actually over dosing themselves when taking it with juice.
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    Firewire Junior Member

    So if it really doesn't matter to split or not. It is okay then if you take it all in one time, 60 minutes pre workout ? Just try maybe get massive apettite to lift .
    And somebody can tell me what dianabol for at science point if not result for size and mass ? Thanks guys !
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    Captaincook3 Member

    I like taking it all at once pre workout if 50mg or less because it does make me more aggressive, almost irritable. Plus if I spread out my doses it really robs me of my appetite and keeps me restless at night. Taking more then 50mg I'd split it up. But in all honesty everyone's different. If a low dose doesn't affect your appetite and pre workout dose does nothing for your intensity, then maybe spacing it out throughout the day would be best to keep it concentrated in your bloodstream which I'm sure would better protein synthesis. Test is King, but love my dbol. Need some Russian hearts!
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    TheronB Member

    5mg with breakfast, 10mg with lunch and 5mg with dinner and extend the time your on it to the entire length of your injectable cycle. I've read some pros think the gains are better and longer lasting that way.

    I'm gonna try it my next tren E cycle with some Halo the last few weeks.
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    Captaincook3 Member

    Halotest makes me angryyyyy. Be careful! Really. Overly aggressive

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