Best tool to decrypt pgp

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  1. DonQKong

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    Am starting to wrap my head around pgp, but can’t get it to work

    Have the encrypted text and the pgp key, but it all comes out as crazy text when I try to decrypt.

    What’s the best tool to use to decrypt pgp?

  2. bob hughes

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    On Android I have used open keychain, very very easy to use and works very well. Other platforms, I couldn't say. If you are on Android and want to get that, f-droid can be used to download it instead of using Google Play and possibly going on a list
  3. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    You know you have to download the other person's public key before you can decrypt anything from them right?
  4. grey

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    No... Sir, that is the opposite of what happens.

    People send to YOU by using YOUR public key to encrypt the plain text message.

    On receipt of the resultant cyphertext you use YOUR PRIVATE key (the other half of the PKI key-pairing you see) to Decrypt. This is why you have no need to protect your Public key, only your Private key (at ALL costs).

    The ONLY thing that a Public key DECRYPTS is a message hash (for integrity checks).

    Public keys NEVER decrypt message... EVER. That is why they are Public.

    PKI (PGP is just one PKI option) is honestly not that complicated, but people get the keys screwed up all the time.
  5. bob hughes

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    Right, my mistake, you would have to have the other person's public key to encrypt a message to them, been awhile since I did pgp lol
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