Best UG labs

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jimijimi, Mar 21, 2010.

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    jimijimi Banned

    Best Ug labs are Sciroxx and G-star and coming soon Veyron pharma.
    All test out great and great feedback from people who have used it .
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    Meathead27 Member

    I hope you die in a horrible fire.
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    drewbolic Member

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    jimijimi Banned

    Your IQ must be very high to come up with that post, come on bro
    you can do better than that
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    jimijimi Banned

    Methhead with a name like that, well no need to say anymore.
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    Ok, we hope you die from HIV caught from a tranny hooker and you were on the receiving end?

    May your bleeding herpes last a lifetime.

    Didn't you used to try and sell Axio gear and they canned you?
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    Buttery Junior Member

    Your a tool.
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    Bigkarch Member

    youy are an absolute down right idiot to post call me an idiot and see how fast your ban will be
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    Buttery Junior Member

    How bout we pretend he called you an idiot and you just boot him![:eek:)]
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    TrainHard Member

    You're a moron!!!!!!!!!!! Some post deuce head!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    jimijimi Banned

    What a bunch of dickheads.
    You guys must be do boys for brian w. At axio
    no never sold axio only used it when karl made it
    now the man at sciroxx.
    Now keep sticking that garbage up your ass
    take a look at axio results in william llewellyn's
    new book ug labs, the winny is so contaminated with
    bacteria it's probaley well water.
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    LostTime Member

    All kidding aside, what I just don't get is, if I were a spammer who wanted to get on a board and get people to buy my stuff, I'd be a tad bit more subtle about it. Drop the occasional mention here, maybe a little anecdotal story there, maybe throw my .02 into the occasional thread. But to just jump on here with these absurd posts which just scream "Ban Me!!!", it's just poor salesmanship. I mean, c'mon dude, take a little pride. Go watch Glengarry Glen Ross, then start a new thread (with a new username) and take another swing at it. You can do it, fella!

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    jmills Member

    LMAO! Exactly what I was thinking [:eek:)]
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    Wantmore Junior Member

    im new to this site and just read this thread what jackasses
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    Meathead27 Member

    If you think WE'RE the jackasses then you obviously haven't been in the game very long. These people are blood sucking vermin that need to be dealt with accordingly. All they want to do is make a quick buck at your expense, or God forbid, your health(if you were to actually inject these typically contaminated drugs). We have a no tolerance policy for spammers here. We're looking out for our own.

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