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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by initiative, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. initiative

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    Hey guys,im planning to do some serious cutting and leaning up over the next few months and just grabbed a bottle of yohimbine 6mg tablets,i was wondering if there is any advice on the best way to use these, along with any cardio or diet suggestions to help make this a very good worth while experience,i have done fair research on the gear and was hoping to get some first hand insight from you vets out there thanks!
  2. mike08

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    my buddy gave me a bunch of the powder shit taste awful havent really ran it yet for a perios of time to see what it would do but hear it works great
  3. BBC3

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    Be careful with that stuff. It can cause heart trouble if used with other amphetamines. I believe even just adding caffine and ephedrine can cause a serious problem... I never got anything from it other than aggrevation...
  4. toothache

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    Be very careful with yohimbine. Cut that tab in half and see how you react.
  5. Jeet Kune Do

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    Use 3mg with 25 of E and 250 of C. The ratio of EC is best at 10x, but limit your intake of Caffeine to ZERO all day, and never exceed 3 servings a day.

    Its a good stack, but momnitor your heart.
  6. Goliath

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    Jeet Kune Do is right, becareful when stacking Yohimbe and caffiene. What I like to do and works great with no jitters or any bad sides is take 1 Lipo 6(Nutrex) pill and 1 8g of Ephedrine HCL. I do that like 3 times a day when cutting. I am sensitive so I don't need to go any higher per dose. If you add an AI or ATD you lean out VERY nicely but may experince some libido loss and maybe some MPB caue of slight increae in DHT.
  7. initiative

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    Use 3mg with 25 of E and 250 of C. The ratio of EC is best at 10x, but limit your intake of Caffeine to ZERO all day, and never exceed 3 servings a day.
    ???????? sorry this may sound dumb but what do you mean by 25 of E and 250 of C? do you mean enathate and cyponaite? ratio of EC at 10X?

    i have noticed the first time i took it on day one i used one tab in mourning 6 or 7mg with 2 tabs ripped freak and i was wasted all day,jitters,heart rate,sweats,could not focus and had awful mood increase and agression increase needless to say i did not stack them again that afternoon and now only running yohimbine 2x a day mourning and night 7mg tabs eachtime
  8. bigbench

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    EC stands for Ephedrine and Caffeine
  9. Millard Baker

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    Everything you wanted to know about the science behind yohimbine from Elzi Volk:

    Fat Loss, alpha2-Adrenoceptors and Yohimbine Part I by Elzi Volk
  10. initiative

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    Thanks alot guys,some great info in what youve provided,thanks for sharing your knowledge....cheers!
  11. klbsa

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    I have been using Yohimbe for years. Its one of the best kept secrets of the supplement world. I take the raw herb in capsule form, 500mgs per cap at 1.6% yohimbines (8mgs). about one hour before workouts. DO NOT TAKE EPHEDRINE OR CAFFEINE WITH YOHIMBE. (Why the hell are you guys telling him to?)

    Yohimbe is cheap, effective, and has the added benefit of adding aggression and increased libido.
  12. buddy1

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    Exactly, never take with ephedrine. Start out with a small dose on your first day. Take it early in the morning. You will probably have a hard time sleeping the first week or so that you use it. One excellent side effect of yohimbe: it enhances erections.
  13. jasthace

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    I take 20mg of yohimbine hcl stacked with 30-50mg of 1-3 Dmm plus cup of strong coffee.

    Not for beginners though.It takes a couple of weeks to develop a tolerance to the yohimbine.
    10 mg is a better starting point
  14. Jeton

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    that's an excellent article.

    i've used Yohimbine many times and it's very useful for cutting and for enhancing erectile performance, i just find it very jittery. even a bottle of Redline gives me jitters. most people should avoid stacking it with caffeine or ephedrine, for damn sure..

    i'd also like to note that Yohimbine can be mildly hallucinogenic, especially as doses approach or exceed 50mg...dilated pupils, visual n auditory hallucinations, abstracted and/or obsessive thinking, etc...
  15. toothache

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