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  1. Tizzousa

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    So I’m old school and typically only use western union. There is a source that will only deal in cryto so trying to figure this all out. There’s a bitcoin atm near me I was going to purchase from, yes I know high fees. I was wondering what wallets you all suggest? Jaxx?
  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    Just to transfer and move around? I would just use and create a wallet there.
    For holding long term, id look into something else, however.
  3. Tizzousa

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    Looking for both. Long term for some and some to make some purchase and transfer!! Thanks for the info
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  4. DrinkFlintWater

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    Long term: paper wallet
    Trezor and Ledger are both good but im seeing alot of issues with Ledger Nano's that im not liking.
    Short term: id just use blockchain. Id trust it more than jaxx, personally.
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  5. MindlessWork

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    I was considering a Ledger but hoping the bugs get ironed out as those are good devices.

    A paper wallet does not really have to be on physical paper but for security it is a text file that can be kept on a USB stick and for extra security you can encrypt the USB stick that holds that text file which should contain your bitcoin address and passkeys.
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  6. Kevinkevin123

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    Hey if your using small amount just use coinbase , keeps it simple! About a week before you order buy some bitcoin
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  7. SuperSwede

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    Many years ago coinbase closed my account, had no explanation why.
    I had made some shady transations and they figured it out i guess.
    They watch you and have their clients under the radar.