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Best wishes to all !!! Im glad to come in such beautiful place!

We are official and legit distributors of ZPHC and Spectrum Pharma. More than 5 years we work in bulk segment and now open our retail source to make happy many new retail costumers. We working in International (worldwide) section and also have USA Domestic shipping. We have our personal warehouses, we are not drop shippers as many other sources.

We work only with best brands : Balkan Pharmaceutical, Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals, Spectrum Pharma, SP Laboratories, Canada Peptides. In future our list of brands will grow.
We do not sell "homebrew brands".

Payment via: Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Western Union.
Shipping costs: 25$
Minimum order: no minimum order.
Estimated T/A: International(worldwide) 7-30 days[average 10-20 days], USA Domestic 3-6 days[average 3-4 business days]
For every order we give a tracking number. For International shipping tracking number 1-2 days after shipping.

You can check on official website of Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical -
we are official distributors of this brand. ( - our website there, manufacturer can not place link on real online shop, so we must use "same" website but without any info of selling steroids).

We always answer within 24 hours.
Feel free to contact us.
E mail
All orders only from website - Bestgear - Your best anabolic store ! Official and legit source

ps sorry of my worker mistake, he wrote meZo on paper))) he do not know what MESO mean..his main option package the orders. it is small part of our stock.
meso1.jpg meso2.jpg meso3.jpg meso4.jpg meso5.jpg meso6.jpg 1.jpg[/code]


You are a official US distributors only for zphc, not also for balkan/sp, I assume. However where are the Balkan/sp pics? you have shared here all the pics of the other brands, except for balkan / sp. please share balkan/sp pics with a nearby sheet showing today's date and mesorx written if you want to be credible


4) Prices are too high, ZPHC test cyp for $70 + $25 shipping is $95 for one 10ml vial. That's retarded.
You can order from International if price is too high for you. And you will have price 40$. Our International shipping is safe and fast. If order to USA seized or some shit like that, we will reship it for free. No problems.
Also we have discount of qty products in cart, up tp 10% discount for honest review/feedback etc. Also we can talk in PM about personal discount for good members of MESO.
If you need only USA Domestic with cheapest prices - sorry, we cant help. You can buy cheap homebrew "brands".
Ok first off.... all pics need to have crumpled paper with MESO and date wrote on them not printed.

Let’s get that quick since you are domestic and have that stock available.

Second that tit pic you showed us fucking sucks! We need nude nipples non of that censored shit you Asians do!!

Third your prices are way to fucking high for anybody to do business with.


Few days what in the fuck!!! So u don’t have stock?
I sit on bags with steroids and type for you. Also i manage orders, packing orders, send orders, of course from different stocks from International and USA Domestic, fly every day 12000 miles to manage 2 warehouses.
Right way of thinking.:D:D:D


Trying to post it correct in first message..but have message of mistake and cant put correct "code".
All list of products, prices, shippings and else information you can watch on website.


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