Beware of Dylan Gemelli and certain associates/FRAUD

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pipelinerk, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. pipelinerk

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    I know I don't post on here, but I have been a lurking member for some time. I spent the majority of my time over at EVO.

    Anyways as some already know they push their agenda over there with N2BM and SARMS1 which I never cared for. I over looked it however as I got connected with some good sources.

    Fast forward a year later and I am working towards earning my NASM personal training certification. One of the lessons is learning how to show your clients how to validate your credentials on their NASM website or call them at 1-800-460-6276. Well as practice I looked up the only two NASM trainers I know, my wifes NPC coach and Dylan Megelli as it states in his forum signature as a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert.

    The wifes coach popped up.....Megelli did not. So knowing that credentials do expire I called them to see if that was the case and was told Megelli never was certified, never enrolled, and never even registered on the site.

    I PM'd him to ask for him to explain and he ignored the PMs so I took it to the board publically and was banned immediately along with the thread being deleted. This guy is scamming his own members with fraudulent certs so they trust in his word along with pushing his own product and no one else.

    I'm just sharing this to try and help stop anyone considering going to him or his associates that push their agenda to be very wary and careful.

    I know this is one of my only posts on here if not my only post, but please believe I make it with honest and good intentions of exposing a scammer. Nothing more nothing less.
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  2. Marcus

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    Thanks for the post, but this is WELL KNOWN. He is a scumbag piece of shit and he and is retard friends push shitass products to make their pockets fuller. His answers and responses to everything are derived straight from reading shit somewhere until he gets to his agenga of Sarms and N2Suckmyass.

    He just hides at his board so he can continue to blow himself and release loads of cum all over his own face
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  3. That lil skinny stringbean came over here last yr singing the praises of his N2 prohormones . He went into his sales pitch and we told him to pack his crap and hit the door. I havent seen him here since.....
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  4. lol...the thread about Need2 and the pics guys posted of his bloated white trash ass sealed the deal for me. After I wiped my tears away I promptly signed up here...haven't found a way to get rid of me since.
  5. Yeah I see him over at EVO sellin his crap . Take N2 and you can look just like Dylan (gag)
    I remember his link to his FB , there you can see dozens of pics of Dylan doing his skinny pose and saying how cool he his ; another ZYZZ wannabe....
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  6. KillaBig

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    That dudes a terd your better off staying away from Evo and there hierarchy.Welcome to the Man's board.
    I was also banned and had threads deleted over there so I know how Ya feel.
  7. DirtyRandy

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    Yea we are well aware of that douche. I started off over there as well, but noticed something was off when all they do is promote their bullshit overpriced products. Saw a thread of them bashing hcg and telling members to just use hcgenerate. They are really gonna fuck people up
  8. pipelinerk

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    only thing that sucks is I am worried about finding new sources that I trust. I am training for my first NPC bodybuilding competition and was hoping they were my in to legit gear as I can't afford to waste time on bunk shit. My cycles have to be spot on if I'm going to be able to compete at it's back to square one here lol
  9. 10476401_10154366409770710_3375233283405632559_n.jpg
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  10. rutman

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    Looks like a meth head to me... Wtf wants to look like that?
  11. B-train

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    That does not even look human? Wtf his head is too big to be that chop??
  12. viking23

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    Srs looks like he smoking crack! What a fucking goon
  13. Don't even give him the satisfaction of speaking his name, he's a waste of breath.
    Need2, Rick Rock, Heavy, Neck, Spellwin...they are the fuckin same.
    Ain't worth killin...
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  14. heady muscle

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    What an asshole that guy is. I was told last year he runs Not sure it is true or not. His fricking youtube videos make me want to vomit. Some kids at the gym showed me his youtube videos on their phone. I never heard of the guy prior to that. I told them right then and there the guy doesn't know shit and he is a slime ball. That fucker is CREEPY!
  15. Big_paul

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    Ogh brother, respect those 13" guns. May be some day with detecation, I can sport guns like that:)
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  16. pipelinerk

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought he was a skinny little fuck
  17. Dylan Gemelli - the human penis. Enough said.

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  18. heady muscle

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    Come'on, you all have stop posting his creepy ass pictures! Fucking guy is worse than scary clowns!
  19. ruckin

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  20. heady muscle

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    Creepy: [​IMG]