Beware of Pharmade (Shenzhen Shijingu Technology)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by deekz, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. deekz

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    Made an order after assured domestic delivery after sending me a Sarm list. Sent funds, then all of the sudden she claims the company is temporarily shut down and can't send out package. Says everyone is off and nothing she can do but wait. This is just a warning in case anyone attempts to order from the pharmade (Shenzhen Shijingu Technology Co., Ltd., CN) so far it has been a scam. I made a commitment to them to let everyone know what is going on.. hopefully I am wrong - but so far its been two weeks for a "domestic" order.
    Live and learn.
    PS. I may not have a lot of posts, but I've been a member since 2004 and have learned a lot from this forum.
    I will change this is in fact they do comply with the order - till then STAY AWAY
  2. deekz

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    I was wrong - please disregard this post. Communication was made and funds given back unexpectedly today. They are going through some change hence the "scammer" like story - but a refund was issued which is fine. No harm no fowl.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Oh good to know this was resolved by the lab. Funny how they didn't communicate and then did an aboutface and sent you your money back out of the blue.
  4. blvck

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    They are actually shut down, bunch of companies got shut down in China
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  5. T-Bagger

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    No fowl? Damn. Was hoping for some chicken :D
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  6. calvin33

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    Not a bunch. One. Pharmade belonged to Yuancheng.
    It's very curious how OP managed to purchase from YC and even get refunded, considering all their communication channels have been offline for several weeks now.
  7. blvck

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    Companies.. sub-companies - yes the main company YC was shut down.
    Every company related to YC was shutdown as well.
    CS, Pharmade, all of their freight forwarders are not able to ship items either (even if they are working with different companies).

    OP got lucky.
  8. master.on

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    Do you happen to know why?
  9. blvck

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    4 different reasons, think it's a bit big to discuss in the open.
    But let's say they were shipping something they weren't supposed to.
  10. janoshik

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    Some of the "subcompanies" are frantically looking for new suppliers and trying to get on their own legs fast.

    Some outright exitscammed, some are exitscamming as of now, however Pharmade seems to be one of the few that are actually not running away with cash, which is a good sign. I wonder how will that turn out.
  11. blvck

    blvck Member

    Nah wasn't really an exit scam, they legit couldn't do nothing.. most of their bosses are in jail lol. The reps are not going to take money out of their own pockets and refund for an order that they get profit (minus the original RMB price + shipping cost) for.
    Pharmade got lucky and their boss is still around.
  12. janoshik

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    What I meant was that some of the said reps kept taking payments long after they knew they will be unable to follow up.
  13. blvck

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    Most of the reps don't even know how to use BTC lmaoo
  14. WCL

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    Any updates on this company? I can see big problems for labs if the raw supply is compromised.