BGS LABS - PRIMO 200E - 2018-03 - Analyzer

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by G2Ready, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. G2Ready

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    Primo E
    Label Claim: 200
    Actual Content: 204

  2. Johnnyreb

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    That looks very good, thanks for your contributions brother
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  3. Skull

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    Once again @G2Ready .....thank you for all the testing brother. The boards owe you a debt of gratitude for doing so. BGS has been at it for a long time. Nice to see he is still on top of his game.
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  4. G2Ready

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    Once I got cozy over here at meso, a lot of members spoke highly.... I’m really glad the numbers inforce what he does....

    Hints those mad gains bro:)
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  5. showstoppa

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    Dude thank you very much for doing all of these test.
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  6. taco33150

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    I’ve gotten primo e from him before and tren.. dude that got it had amazing results
  7. master.on

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    @Analyzer urgently needs to address his testing methods for credibility:

    You seem to use GC-FID which doesn't identify steroids (or any substance) by itself.
    It only tells you that something triggered a peak at X time.

    Please enlighten us
    on what retention times do different steroids give peaks at?
    What column/parameters do you use for that?
    Laboratory testing of AASs, GH, peptides...