bicep injection redness

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by LC_21, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. LC_21

    LC_21 Junior Member

    What up guys i injected in my bicep this week and my right bicep looks really worried and its very sore any help would be appreciated.
  2. ChaseQ

    ChaseQ Member

    Um why the hell would any one risk the potential dangers by injecting in your bi? Who knows man, you could have an infection. It could turn into an abscess and need to be cut out, which would permanent deform your bi!

    You can also sever nerves doing bi injections that will leave a portion or all of your bi incapable of contracting. This leads to complete atrophy. You can find pictures of this online.

    I'm sure there's a lot of people that do inject in there bi's but it doesn't change the fact its just dumb. Truly zero benefit and all the risk.
  3. xray9

    xray9 Junior Member

    Take four ibuprofen every four to six hours for pain and inflammation and no curls for a few days.
  4. LC_21

    LC_21 Junior Member

    i actually just trained arms yeaterday would this cause this..also bro lots of bodybuilders inject in there biceps..the reason i did was because i dont wanna keep dartin in the shoulders and legs and im not a big fan of shootin in the i ran out of places basically. im running and prop/tren so frequent injections.
  5. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    I also ask why injcect into your bi's...dont understand you dont like shooting into your glutes but you can you bi'

    check out
  6. LC_21

    LC_21 Junior Member

    spotinjections is what influence me on shooting in bis lol the reason i dont like shootin glutes is because its a bitch when trying to do it yourself. Listen guys i understand your point but all im asking is has anyone every had this before and should i be worrried.
  7. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    bi's are a muscle very close to the injection is a foreing object coming into a muscle...its normal... I disagree with you that glutes is a bitch shooting it has to be the easiest as long as you can reach around....

    I have done every muscle injection you can think of....calf and bi's are the many more to do.....good luck bro keep us updated.
  8. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    If its an infection he whole area will swell up and look puffy.You should notice this particularly around your elbow Top and bottom.It will also start to give out the occasional sharp biting pain.
    Thats when you go to the doc and they put you on antibiotics.Then when it doesn't reduce, you go in for daily IV antibiotics......
  9. ChaseQ

    ChaseQ Member

    Its your choice. Its just a bad idea. Thats the bottom line. The potential permanent damage you can do, because you "dont like" glute injections isnt thinking logically.

    If for a second it looks like it might be infected you need to go to the hospital ASAP! Good luck.
  10. Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    If you can't reach around use your Quad for god sakes. Hey I saw a pic of a guy shooting his nut sack so it influenced me to shoot mine.
    What did you put in your bi and how much? BTW in case you were thinking it would stretch the fascia and make your bi bigger, it doesn't, just think of how big your ass would be, LOL
  11. LC_21

    LC_21 Junior Member

    it was prop. 1cc
  12. TZTARZAN2000

    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    [:eek:)] i would never do prop in my bi's! fuck, that must hurt like a mother! what the f were you thinking? oh, you wernt! i have injected about every muscle except my abbs. to be honest i dont think i ever saw a benefit to it. stick to quads and glutes with prop for sure. other shit like deca is ok in your delts. forget trying to spot in the smaller muscle groups. IMO it dont do squat!
  13. LC_21

    LC_21 Junior Member

    bicep isnt red or sore anymore fellas its been two days. thank god was i worried and dont plan on shootin in bis again.
  14. ChaseQ

    ChaseQ Member