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    Who am I?

    I have been homebrewing for a few years now and have sourced locally but am ready to expand my business. These two will be completely separate endeavors so there is no connection between the two.

    Why Meso?

    There is a large community here and knowledge base is great.

    Why are we different?

    We want to bring knowledge, speed and efficiency to the community. Help set up practical and impractical cycles.

    Our Process:

    Every step of the way we insure sterilization and do multiple checks along the brewing process so that there is no chance of contaminants. We brew in small batches so if there is an issue we can pinpoint it with ease and quickly remedy the situation.

    Security: We use only Tutanota for Email over a Vpn on Tor. We use a disposable laptop and phone.

    Stock: Currently we have a small stock of 460 vials and 1600 orals. We utilize GSO, BA and BB. We may do higher dosed gear with EO if there is a demand. We will increase our supply as demand deems it.


    We will give full store credit and replace anything that is tested. To get bloodwork very quickly we are offering $500 store credit for the first two meso approved bloodworks done. $250 for the following two bloodworks and $100 for anything beyond.

    Below are the tested raws and some of the stock plus some Fap material.


    BTC Only

    No minimum for the first week!

    $10 for shipping


    Test E 250mg 10ml $20

    Test C 200mg 10ml $20

    Test P 75mg 10ml $15

    tren E 200mg 10ml $35

    Tren A 75mg 10ml $30

    Mast P 75mg 10ml $30

    Mast E 200mg 10ml $40

    NPP 100mg 10ml $30

    Deca 300mg 10ml $30

    EQ 200mg 10ml $35

    Winstrol 30x25mg $30

    Dbol 30x25mg $30

    Adrol 30x25mg $30

    Sdrol 30x10mg $30

    Anavar 30x50mg $50

    Mtren 30x1mg $50

    cialis 30x10mg $30

    aromasin 30x25mg $30

    Pharma t3 25mcgx30 $20
    Pharma clen 40mcgx30 $30

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  2. Nice tits. i'd suck em.

    You use pre-sterilized vials?

    Oh, first, bitches too.
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    Figured it was you. Always fuckin first
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    Hey, tits and its friday? He's way ahead of most!
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  5. Got lucky on this one. The intro was up for nearly two hours before i saw it. You all had your chance and squandered it. :p:D
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    At least he didn't steal an intro this time
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    Hello my old friend. Haven't seen you since high school

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    Yes currently we do use pre sterilized vials
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    We need a photo showing a crumbled up piece of paper with Meso written on it with the date.
    This photo needs to be in your gear/stock photos.

    Did you get the HPLC testing done for your private clients?

    What was your screen name here before you decided to source here.

    How soon do you think you are going to be able to donate to Anabolic Labs? That needs to happen ASAP before we start buying your bathtub brew.

    How do you “ensure sterilization” as you say? It’s not mentioned in your intro.

    @bolder Wasn’t it you that stated you can confirm that sources are using Tor and a VPN correctly? Have at it my Ninja.

    Chick is fine as fuck. We appreciate.
  11. $500 for blood work?
    i would personally push analytical testing in place of blood work, but that's me.

    Blood work is terribly subjective. Maybe insist that they provide pre cycle and mid cycle blood work for a hefty credit like that?
  12. BigBearLabs

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    New pics with crumpled paper coming soon.

    Will offer price plus $100 credit for any product tested. Once a product has been tested no further credit will be given.
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    Jesus! Tested by Luke and checked by Greg too! Damn MSG, you’re good! Lol

    @BigBearLabs you forgot to answer my other questions. That shit won’t fly on Meso. If you did your research, you would already know this.
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    Yes I got my raws from him.

    I will give 10% of first months profits to Anabolic Labs and 5% every month following.
  15. He lasted for 11 pages (of pure shit) and you said to yourself "this seems like a great guy to buy mass quantities of raws from to begin the Big Bear empire with"?

    You're either lying or you have shit for brains.
    Either way, you're off my list of potentials. But good luck to you none the less.
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    How do you “ensure sterilization” and what was your screen name on Meso before attempting to source here?
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    He had good reviews on sst and was a domestic supplier. Had good communication and he sourced from PPL who I’ve bought from before but I wanted domestic product.

    Work area is bleached and wiped with alcohol. Everything is done under a 6’x7’ flow hood. Filters are used once and disposed of.
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    Uh ohh. You don’t miss a beat man
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    Crumpled Paper Pics

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