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    Im new here so I figured I would contribute something useful for you all.this training system works and is fun and brutal all the same.props would have to go out to leo costa jr and of course phil hernan for this system.


    don't see anywhere for new member intros here,on the same note ive been training 20yrs and am here to learn and network and meet my lifelong goals in the iron game.shout out to any jax fla heads.
  2. dnoyez

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    I have the updated titan training manual as well its intense and is a sick 12 week layout if anyone wants it pm me.
  3. heel hook

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    Used it a long time ago, 2 x a day 5 x a week, a ton of volume with nothing gained in the long run, just wasn't for me, hope it works better for you.
  4. dnoyez

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    It actually has different levels of volume you can choose.4 days per week 1x per day was one option and is the norm for volume.And yes the system did work for me by the way and alot of others.It sounds like you had one of the early versions and yes those were high volume.
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    I tried it and I burnt out fast on it. However I wasn't eating the best and wasn't on juice
  6. Big-Dan

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    Titan is kickin my ass You have the big beyond belief in pdf too??? if so id like to check it out
  7. dnoyez

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    try to stick it out,i will get bbb manual to you later today.
  8. Big-Dan

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    cool thanks... You still have my email???
  9. dnoyez

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    got you bro
  10. digler

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    I've used this workout for over 15 yrs and still live by it !
  11. dnoyez

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    I like the system myself as it works and forces you to grow or crash if you don't play by the rules,looks like the link is dead now but if anyone needs the manual pm me as allways.
  12. biggerblue

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    The link doesnt work. Is it possible to get a copy PMed to me?
  13. dnoyez

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    Yes the link died.I will get you a copy.
  14. ebkallday

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    If you can, hook me up with the Titan and BBB.
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    Me to Dnoyez you know i love to read. Another great book is Periodization of Strength by tudor bompa
  16. dnoyez

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    I have the periodization bible but that one is new to me,i will have to look into it.I find it to be motivating to have a template of your goals laid out to have a plan rather then the standard x amount of sets/x amount of reps approach.
  17. loveyourbody

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    I'm not sure how the workout routine goes but while I'm on cycle I usually do
    Monday- morning
    Bench press 4 sets 6-10reps
    Incline press 4 sets 6-10reps
    Dumbbell flys 6 sets 10reps
    Incline flys 6sets 8-10reps
    Close grip 4 sets 6-10reps
    Extensions 6sets 12 reps
    Skull crushers 6sets 6-10reps
    Dips 6 sets till failure

    Morning- back all 6sets 8reps
    Dead lift
    Lat pull downs
    Dumbbell rows
    Evening-bicep all 4sets 8-12reps
    Dumbbell curls
    Preacher curls
    Barbell curls
    Hammer curls till failure
    Reverse curls

    Morning-legs 4sets 8reps all
    Hamstring curls
    Leg extensions
    Calf rises
    Seated calve rises
    Press calf rises

    Thursday off

    Friday- same as day one just different workouts

    At the moment I'm ratting 4000 calories a day lean.

    This takes up most of my free time though I spend from 2-3 hours a day at the gym that's including 45mins of cardio.
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    How does that am/pm split treat you?Ive allways thought of trying that approach but have never gave it a shot.I do like the tri/bis moved to pm in you example.
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  20. biggerblue

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    I've been reading the manual so far. Its pretty good.
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