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    So I am planning on running a nice blast soon. When I get my shit. I am closing up on my DECA600 and TEST600 with 20 lbs gained. A solid bulk for sure. I did this for 16 weeks.

    Now I am hitting the gym hard and getting ready to harden up. I will be using

    Test E 300 mg/week (Week 1-25)
    tren E 600 mg/week (Week 1-10)
    EQ 500 mg/week (Week 1-20)
    Adrol 50 mg/ed (Week 1-4)
    Mast Mix 600 mg/week (Week 8-18)
    Winny 50 mg/ed (Week 15-20)
    clen Week (20-25)

    I am looking to eat mean and lift big. I wanna get hard as a rock and lean as fuck.

    I just don't know if I should run tren and mast together or at seperate times.

    I will be lifting ED
    Eating 3000 cals or as much as I need to stay this weight which is around there.
    Protein 300 g
    Carbs 300 g
    Fats 100 g

    Lifting each muscle 2x a week.
  2. jJjburton

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    I pinned 200 tren E, 600 deca, 500 EQ today. Got it all. So ready for a nice harden leaning up cycle. I am pumped. Going to be eating really good and lifting.

    I am going to take 50 mg Anadrol also. 25 mg two times a day. Time to get huge.
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  3. jJjburton

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    I will be pinning tren E 200 MWF=600 mg
    EQ 250 MF= 500 mg
    Deca 600 I have one more pin left and then I am done with that stuff.
    Test 300 two times a week MF

    Oxymethos 50/day.
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    Cool. My last cycle looked similar to yours, it felt good, and delivered good results. I didn't do any clen though, it gets my crazy jittery at low levels, and shit sleep, I can't stand it.

    Not that I know what you weigh now, but isn't 3,000 calories per day a bit low to grow?

    I'm probably older than you (53) and at my weight (212) the calculators say I need btw 2,900 and 3,100 per day just to maintain. I know that's true, especially when the tren kicks in and turns me into a furnace, I probably need 4,000 per day to gain mass. I was on 4K to 4.5K per day during my last cycle. With the tren, that still made it lean gains.
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    Well I ususallu eat for the scale. IF I see myself losing weight on the scale, I will up my food. But as of now what I am eating is maintaning me at 220 for a month. I dont keep track But I am going to start tomorrow. I was going to when I started this cycle.

    How did you like it. I am looking to lose fat or water, and harden up. I like my weight at 220.
  6. jJjburton

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    Here is a pic of what I look like at the moment as of 5 days ago.

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    I started below 200, finished at a hair over 220lbs. I ran it for awhile.... It was lean gains, some water lost after etc. But I quickly leveled out at 210-212 - at a measured 11.x%. I'm still at 212, although I've had to go to plain TRT, so I'm weaker in the gym, and a bit softer, around 13%. Will get going again in January.

    I did tren during the summer - probably not so wise - sweating is def an issue - and it took me a while to catch on to NOT eating carbs in the evening, you pay for that at night!

    I'm sold on tren - next time I want to first try a "compromise" maybe 300 test per week and same amount of tren. Keep it at just those two, run that for a month and do bloods, see how my body responds to that level of juice. Since I'm getting close to my end goal - 220 at 10% - I'd like to find a dose that is easier to live with, something that gives me more of an edge than vanilla TRT, but not so much that it screws too much with BP and cholesterol etc.

    Yeah, my BP and resting pulse both went up on tren. My current, normal, BP is about 123/63 - and I saw over 140/75 on cycle. I did give blood midcycle.
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  8. jJjburton

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    I had an amazing chest, ab and calf workout today.

    I do 5 sets of each and around 8-12 reps an set

    I did slow pos 2 sec and neg 3 sec sec each I will post weight for a couple but not all it takes foreever....
    chest bench 45,65,80,80,80,80
    incline chest bench 55,55,55,55,55
    chest fly machine 175,175,175,175,175
    upper chest press 70,70,70,70,70 supersetted with below
    inner chest flys 80,80,80,80,80 supersetted with above

    decline leg raises 15,12,10,10,10,10 supersetted with seated calf raises
    oblique twists(weighted Seated) 50,50,40,40,40 eachside supersetted with obliques

    Seated calf raises 90,90,90,90,90
    Horizontal calf raises 200,210,220,230,240

    I went slow on positive and negatives, 2 seconds up and 3 seconds down.
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    I will be getting bloods a lot. So will be keeping up with it. Everything was normal starting this EQ and tren and aDROL except cholesterol LDL. It has been bad my hole life. At 220 around.
  10. jJjburton

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    So I took 50 mg adrol in the morning.

    I ate perfectly. No sugar today except one gatorade and post workout lemonade. Also just the sugar in sweet potatoes, besides that only water.

    I ate
    250 grams protein
    335 grams carbs
    77 grams fats
    3420 calories

    I can easily eat 1000 more calories. But I dont know if I should. Is there any advice anyone has on those numbers. I am taking tren, EQ, and Anadrol. And my goal is to harden up and stay at 220. I will probably lose 10 lbs of water maybe. But 210 and rock hard is fine with me too. I weigh 222 today.
  11. jJjburton

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    I lifted today obviusly.

    I did Posterior body So back and Hammys

    Workout= All at 5 sets and 12-8 reps
    Lat pull downs
    Standing lat straight arm pull downs
    Lat machine pull down
    One arm sitting cable row
    Reverse pec dec for back/delts

    Laying hammy curls
    Glute/Hammy puch hammer machine
    Standing Hammy/Glute push
    Laying hammy curls again

    Amazing workout was there for an hour and a half. I am not going to post weights everytime. I am really focusing on slow contracting and negatives. My squat just goes to 225 for 8. I dont max or try to, not my goal.

    I want to get bigger/harder. But focus on calfs, Hammys, Upper chest, Lats, and biceps. I think I have 18 inch arms but I want a softball lump at my bicep.

    Hopefuly my goals can be met.

    I can definatly bulk and get to 240 but I dont want to I think lol. I just want to get lean and hard.
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  12. tenpoundsleft

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    @jJjburton - tell me more about your slow and low approach, yet not with so many reps.

    I've started to do a lot of slower sets with less weight, but I go to 15 or 20, sometimes 25-30 reps (legs) just to exaggerate time under tension. I go to failure though. Some sets, like squats, I stop and hold at the bottom every 4th rep.

    You do something similar, yet only 8 or so reps. Which I thought was for optimal strength gains. What's best for muscle growth?
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  13. jJjburton

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    Well I will try it out for a month and see what happeneds. From my knowledge I beliieve 3-6 reps are for strength/powerlifting. Powerlifting is sometimes even 1 or 2 reps. With very long breaks in between almost 5 minutes. Since my breaks in between my lifts are shortened to a maximum of 1 minute, it is going to be for muscle mass. I sometimes do supersets or drop sets after my last set which does hit 15 reps but thats only once per muscle.

    For squats I go as low as possible. My hammys are feeling very good today and somewhat sore from what I did yesterday. I feel that 20 reps-30 reps are focusing more on type 1 muscle fibers. If I remember correctly which is more for endurance/aerobic training. I understand you are trying to hit hypertrophy but I think that is to many.

    Another thing is really focusing on contracting but not holding it for more then a second. For exmple for chest. A big tip was to pretend you are trying to hit your elbows together when you are pushing up. That really contracts the chest properly. When I do dumbells I literally hit both sides of my chest at the bottom.
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    I took my 50 mg Anadrol and 200 mg caffeine in the morning.

    I pinned 200 mg tren E and 500 mg EQ.

    I am going to keep my test E at 600 for now and possibly drop that dose down when I get closer to the end. or I might eave it alone.
  15. jJjburton

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    I pinned in my biceps 1 lml in each. The tren E hurt more when working them out.

    I did biceps and triceps
    Calfs and Abs

    4 workouts for biceps and tricep

    2 abs

    3 calfs

    Same protocol

    I ate a little to much. But no problem.
    I ate
    318 protein
    422 Carbs
    148 Fats 42 saturated and 106 unsaturated
    4360 calories

    I didnt even have my protein shakes which I usually would
    I have been eating 5000 cals a day easyily before taking notes about my macros. That is why I was gaining weight so easily. I still am undecided about bulking or cutting.

    If I can bulk and harden up thats what the best outcome would be. I am on tren so maybe that will help.
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    I am 224. I ate 3000 cals 250 protein 300 carbs 75 fats

    I will probably eat some more so it will end up 3500 cals 300 protein 350 carbs 85 fats

    I did 5 chest excercises
    I did 2 traps excercises
    I did 2 quad excercises

    I liked the workout today. I pinned 400 mg test E
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  17. jJjburton

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    I took off today.

    I ate 300 protein 400 carbs 100 fats and 4200 cals.

    I did stretch though/did yoga.
  18. jJjburton

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    I ended up eating last night when I weoke up three time during the night. Once I has steak, the other two I had chobata bread. No prob though.

    I took my 50 mg adrol. This is day 5. so it should be p there soon. I am on dy five of all added compoiunds. Cant wait to see it in full effect. Imma get SHREDDED!
  19. jJjburton

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    Pinned 200 tren E, 300 Test E and 500 EQ.

    Took 50 mg adrol and .5 mg adex

    Will have ralox friday. No more man boobs for me!

    Proabbaly will lift today.
  20. Just Fish

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    If the tissue is fibro glandular the only way to get rid of it is surgery
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