Big D Pharma legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by hardwork610, Jul 25, 2012.

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    hardwork610 Junior Member

    new to this site, hello all. anyolne have any solid reviews or experience on Big Pharma D was thinking of placing a decent order with them seen them pretty highly ranked on eroids. was using oscaro for awhile till i heard they got busted and didnt want to be on the shitty end of the stick and try and find out if it was true... also was looking into roxilabs... let me know, thanks
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    Big D is legit but customer service isn't the best. I have made two orders from him. Maybe I just get too impatient. Roxi is good too. I have used Roxi a few times. I like Roxi better than Big D but that is just me. Roxi would have to be my second favorite source overall. I don't think you'd be disappointed either way.
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    DetMuscle Junior Member

    Doesnt anybody use real UGL's anymore LOL! Im old I guess
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    hardwork610 Junior Member

    Dont have a solid Ugl at the momment
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    roscogre Junior Member

    Big D took $315 from me-- on July 11 money was picked up, still nothing. My first small order arrived in 5 days and was good, but I asked some questions on eroids and was banned. This motherfucker is not only an asshole but a thief. Someone needs to find this punk and share his location-- thieves like this should get what is coming to them. He is intimately involved with eroids, where sources pay for their ratings. After 3 weeks of unanswered emails this punk answers a bad review in 5 minutes there. A complete asshole and cannot be trusted, if you don't kiss his ass he will rip you off. This sack of shit needs some instant karma.
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    mac111 Active Member

    yeah cos you're a stupid fuckin cry baby who demented his head with countless 'is here yet' pm's, you deserve to be ripped off..........[:eek:)]
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    Stick with roxi, some of those top domestic guys take longer to ship then international sources.
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    roscogre Junior Member

    Shove it up the new glory hole in your gay ass you lying cocksucker you deserve to have you favorite 12" dildo hammered all the way down your stinking sword swallower so the world can be rid of your greasy slime trail you pole vaulting lying wormy fuck.
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    mac111 Active Member

    have you been reading mummy's 50 Shades of Grey? lmao.
    can someone give rosco a loan of $315?


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    roscogre Junior Member

    the sources on eroids pay for their ratings. The more they pay the better the rating. The sources admitted this to me and called me stupid for not knowing it. I was banned for asking questions on the question page. Big D has good gear but can't be trusted. Many people are not receiving their orders now, it seems he is taking the money and running. Not to mention the guy is a complete asshole.
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    biggerben69 Well-Known Member

    BigD talks to customers like they are pieces of shit. Being called scammer everywhere except where he pays not to be. That will end when he stops paying. Steer clear.
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    Kamala Active Member

    I saw the thread over on IronDen where someone took some screen shots of this source's "customer service".

    It was enough for me to advise anybody thinking of ordering to take a look, if nothing else this guy has a serious attitude problem.
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    mac111 Active Member

    well, they at least deserve credit for that :D
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Well-Known Member

    The best ranking money can buy on Eroids, when will people learn, lol, lol, lol?
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    roscogre Junior Member

    Of course being a thief is something an admitted lying worm like you would admire.
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    roscogre Junior Member

    I really don't give a fuck about his attitude. His thievery, however, deserves retaliation.
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    mac111 Active Member

    have you earned back that $315 yet? must be tough on your paper round [:eek:)]
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    roscogre Junior Member

    "paper round"? Are you trying to say paper route, you illiterate,unintelligible,lying moron? Crawl back into the gay bar where your two dads prowl for cock you worthless faggot, nobody wants to hear your dick slurping here.
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    DanB Junior Member

    its paper round where we come from

    and why are you here, just to apperantly slate a source even though you no proof to show us and get into a pissing match, have you nothing better to do?

    if you claim somebody scammed you then you need to have something to back it up, there is more false accounts of x or y on boards such as this then real so until you can show a western union receipt, or order confirmation etc then i call bullshit
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    mac111 Active Member

    Paper route? Only a mongo yank wouldnt be able to decipher what paper round meant in another country, dumb fuck LOL

    That 315 must have been a big loss eh little boy?

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