Big lump on arm after inj.

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    So i have a good amount of scar tissue built up on my side delt on my right arm .. laid off the site for a couple months .. the other day I thought it would be a good idea to pin that area . I injected 1ml of test e and followed all sanitary shit like I usually do .. woke up two days later and I have a lump that is raised red and warm to the touch .. the lump is 3 inches lower than where I initially pinned the gear it's at the lowest point where your delt attaches close to the bicep . I have no fever no chills no signs of infection. .. it's not painful just discomforting. Sterile abscess ? Just a knot ? I have amoxicillin and clindamycin on hand jsut in case .

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  2. SauceBoss

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    I've had my fair share of scares lumps and bumps but nothing this profound as red
  3. tengtren

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    How long has it been there?
    Has it gotten better worse or neither?
    What size needle did you use?
    Have you pinned the gear before no prob?

    looks like a subq leak, most likely not any sort of abscess as they would be localized at the point of entry
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  4. SauceBoss

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    It hasn't gotten worse.. I've had lots of lumps from injections but never one that was red and hot to the touch. I use a 29g slin and yes I have pinned this gear before without problem
  5. tengtren

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    What you have sir is a subq leak I believe, there annoying, uncomfortable, and in most cases that's it! So nothing really to worry about. But I did say in MOST cases, so as I have done when I've gotten subq leaks(one in same area you have) I still take an antibiotic 1ce a day until the heat and redness is gone

    Your going to be ok
  6. SauceBoss

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    Let's hope so and not a sterile abscess .. it's not getting worse but still red and inflamed .. going on about day 4. I took antibiotics yesterday and also today with no relief yet
  7. JackSmooth

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    Had something similar that lasted nearly a week. Nothing worse than when oil leaks out. Those are the days I make sure to cover my arms in the gym
  8. tengtren

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    Yep same, I feel like a total jackass
  9. SauceBoss

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    Yup, it kept pulling my sleeve down today at the gym
  10. tengtren

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    get in the shower and run as hot of water as you can handle right on it while massaging it for as long as you have the patience for.

    i do this with all my injections anyway just a little thing i do maybe it helps absorption maybe not
  11. SauceBoss

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    I did this this morning.. started to get painful but it felt like it was dispersing and getting smaller.. now it's back to the original size .. still no signs of infection except the redness and heat is pretty much gone
  12. Jackreature

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    Hey man - sounds like you got a subq leak if the lump is not at the injection site like others said but if it is red and hot to the touch than it is infected and turning into an abscess. If it continues to improve then you have nothing to worry about but, similar to what @tengtren said, if you want to help ensure and speed up recovery, make yourself a VERY hot compress (folding a high-quality paper towel into quarters or eighths and soaking it in near boiling water works perfect) and press it on the abscess until it cools. The compress will only stay hot for a minute tops so do it a few (like 3) times in a row about every hour or as often as you can. It has to be VERY hot to be very effective though - like leave a serious red mark type of hot. Basically as hot as you can possibly handle - be willing to grunt and make noises if necessary lol. It will seem to make it worse at first but its actually just blood, and therefore nutrients, WBCs, and other good stuff, going into the area and battling the infection. Believe it or not, this will actually work better than antibiotics and be far better for you overall as this allows the body to just kill the bacteria in that area while an antibiotic is much more non-specific and oftentimes doesn't even fully cure an abscess. You are on the right track with your antibiotic choice though if you chose to use the Clindamycin. Hope this helps brother!
  13. SauceBoss

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    It's a little better today .. redness is almost gone and there is no more heat .. I don't think I've ever had a subq leak before Because I never had a lump this bad or discomforting. I have been pinning this brand gear for a while now with no problems at all .. I do use slin pins with half inch needles .. maybe that's why I'm slipping out of the muscle
  14. Brandaddy

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    I think it depends on how much gets out.ive had some that were gone in a couple days, then some that hurt like a bitch for a week. Needless to say I've thought long and hard on how to make sure it doesn't happen anymore because until recently I was only shoot quads so a week of crippling pain meant 3 missed squat sessions and a lot of lost gains. Lol.
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    That injection site seems way low to me or Is just the pic angle? Glad it's getting better.
  16. tengtren

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    He said it's dripped down several inches
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