Biggest pet peeve at the gym?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Scout200, May 13, 2011.

  1. Scout200

    Scout200 Junior Member

    What's your biggest pet peeve? What annoys you most when working out at the gym?
  2. cvictorg

    cvictorg Member

    People who say they are using more than one machine at the same time.

    People - who when you ask them how many sets they have left say they just started - I didn't know just started was a number

    People who SCREAM while working out and then slam the weight down after the set and they're lifting 20 pounds

    People who sit on a machine talking on a cell phone and then get annoyed when you ask if you can work in with them
  3. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member Supporter

    1. People who stand by the station they are using and take 10 minutes between sets to bullshit with people like it's happy hour at a sports bar!!!

    2. People not cleaning up their sweat!!!
  4. ski1969

    ski1969 Member

    Scout200 - good to see you here! Usually, I catch you at IF.
  5. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    People who really don't know that a power rack is not required to perform barbell curls
  6. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine


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  7. biggerandbetter

    biggerandbetter Junior Member

    bitches that do 3 machine excersises with horrible form while texting and then leave. i work in a gym so i see this ALL DAY
  8. MPM

    MPM Member

    My local gym was closed for some reason for a few days last week so I went to another gym. While there these two ladies ( sexy as hell but dumb as shit ) proceeded to hang on and around the smith machine I wanted to use just talking to each other and texting on their damn phones. I asked them if they were done with the machine and one seriously replied "we will move when we are done talking".....there's my biggest pet peeve. Stupid people.

    Oh and my apologies to any women who may take this as an insult. In no way am I trying to bash on women at the gym. Guys do this stupid shit too. I just don't let them get away with it as much cuz at least the women give me something to look at when I'm doing my cardio so I don't quit before my session is up. :drooling:
  9. TrainHard

    TrainHard Member

    1. A person that is using 1 machine on the other side of the gym, but has his shit on another machine because he'll be using them eventually. AND a person who keeps his stuff on a bench even though he's not using it.

    2. People that use the squat rack to do barbell curls.

    3. People that talk on there phone. And worse yet, while doing cardio.

    4. People that don't clean up after themselves
  10. Scout200

    Scout200 Junior Member

    Ha, nicely said!! I'll also add:

    -People who camp out on a piece of equipment just to chat.

    -Horrid top forty music - that you hear over and over and over and over again lol

    -People who talk non stop on their phones

    -Those who wear cologne to "cover up" their BO - I walk away gagging with tears in my eyes from the stench.... lol
  11. MCX

    MCX Junior Member

    When people don't even bother to ask if you're still using a station,and they just walk up and start using your station after you just finished a set.
  12. basskiller

    basskiller Member

    people that go to the gyn to socialize more than train
  13. Phoc

    Phoc Junior Member

    People who do not clean up after themselves.

    Gym rats who eye fuck you.


    This is why I have a home gym.
  14. AndyD

    AndyD Junior Member

    Dropping dumbells is teh worst for me ...there is no excuse for it. It should never get to the point where it is safety issue that you need to drop dumbells on the ground. To me it is a classic sign of an inexperienced body builder. It messes up the db's so that when i use them i need to tighten the plates together...
  15. billydidit

    billydidit Member

    x 2

    hate that...but it is funny to see the look of fear when i ask what they are doing hahah
  16. billydidit

    billydidit Member

    -When guys line up behind me while i fill up my water bottle on the little fountain leaving the big fountain empty.

    -When ladies obviously try to get your attention by working out in your "view" as you traverse the gym. Hot chicks just doin their thing make me lift more...but sluts who follow you around are distracting.

    -when some 400 lb morbidly obese dude is doing arm curls...get to the cardio room already!

    -poor form like when guys bring down the bench bar to only 6 inches above chest...or better yet when you hear some loser telling another loser how to do a lift and they are totally wrong

    -out of shape personal trainers


  17. Naudo11

    Naudo11 Junior Member

    Old men who put their sweaty balls on the plastic seat without using a towel. "Get your old balls off the seat!!!"
  18. whatever.

    whatever. Junior Member

    Know-it-all assholes who don't know shit... but still want to tell you what you should be doing.
  19. BigA

    BigA Junior Member

    I hate it when people refuse to use good hygiene. I understand that you sweat when you workout, but when you stink before you ever get to the gym, seriously dude you smell like a bums nut sack.
  20. Beast_Mode

    Beast_Mode Junior Member

    So much whining in this thread.

    Complaining about guys smelling bad I can understand, but people talking on their phones, people with bad form, grunting, seriously? I guarantee your gains would increase if you people stopped worrying so much about what everyone else is doing.

    I have no pet peeves about a public place that I have absolutely zero obligation to go to. If you don't like it in the gym, leave. There are so many people that would appreciate the extra space.
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