BIGMURPH some know me and I hope to get to know the rest

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    Im BIGMURPH ive been around the forums for a couple of years now. I go by a couple of different names depending on what forum im at. I have never been apart of Meso-RX. I hear that this is survival of the fittest here and if you don't have it the door is that way. Im all for that but I do enjoy helping people who need advice on certain topics especially people looking for real life experience advice. You can research all day and night but what's on paper is not always what happens in real life.
    Everyone is a different case no two men or women are the same. So many variables go into a training program, a diet, and supplementation.
    I hope that I can help some people here and I also want to learn from the forum that is supposed to be the hardest of all.
    I love information so I will be reading alot and if I can help I will be posting the advice of information I know.
    My stats are
    222lb as of this morning 10/13
    BF% 14-16% im not ripped but im not fat either ive got abs. They don't call me BIGMURPH because im ripped and getting onstage im just a big guy for 5'10"
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    Thanks for the welcome brother
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    Hey friendo, I'm TenGrams, I might ask you for a pic of your girls butthole every once in a while but just ignore it I've probably just pinned tne and tren base. But I'll also tell you how to get bigger than life and more shredded than death

    Ask me any questions in pm or in the open about anything. I always like to help
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    That's much appreciated brother and you never know if you ask for a butthole pic of my girlfriend's ass you might get it. Lol
    Just not one from my wife's ass that's all mine lol
  6. The name seems vaguely familiar to me. Were you ever a member at Anabolex? If not, it must be from one of the many boards i've perused over the years.

    Either way, welcome aboard.

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    Ive been around but not that board. Im not sure of the rules or I would throw out a list.
    Basically the usual suspects. I appreciate the welcome brother thanks.
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    Nobody minds link to different forums over here. Don't worry about that.

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    Thanks ive been reading over the forum working on figuring out my way around.
    I like the set up here it reminds me of where ive been in that its uncensored and very open.
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    Welcome to meso rx

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    I appreciate the welcome from you brother especially since I just read another post by you saying that you have been around for 18yrs. That's a solid amount of time on the board and I imagine that you are a wealth of knowledge and have seen and heard just about everything from the old days before AI and when paper orals were a thing. Even before the internet explosion when you had to use the ads in the back of a magazine lol
    I can argue about meso being the best but you guys definitely have a great board that is a well known forum by every one in the community.
    Thanks for the welcome brother
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