Bikini model in court on steroid charges

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    Bikini model in court on steroid charges
    3:25pm Oct 5, 2018

    Raquel Yasmine Petit leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.

    An Instagram bikini model will stand trial in Melbourne over allegations she was part of a group trafficking steroids between the Ukraine, China and Australia.

    Raquel Yasmine Petit, 25, will face the County Court on 47 charges including trafficking a commercial quantity of steroids and dealing with $46,920 suspected of being proceeds of crime.

    She's also facing 42 charges relating to making, using and producing false documents including a fake Queensland drivers licence.

    Petit, who now lives on the Gold Coast and has developed her own swimwear line, has pleaded not guilty.

    Court documents allege she and two co-accused were part of the operation between 2015 and 2016 to import steroids and have them delivered to a number of post office boxes.

    Police allege Petit sent $46,920 to the Ukraine and China, from where the steroids were sourced.

    The two co-accused are also alleged to have trafficked cocaine and methamphetamine, but police said Petit was not involved in that part of the operation.

    Steroid and cocaine packages were intercepted by Australian Border Force officers.

    Police claim the consignment was linked to the trio and associated post office boxes set up by Petit.

    Magistrate Peter Reardon found sufficient evidence for Petit to stand trial and ordered she face the County Court on Monday.


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    Bikini model in court on steroid charges

    Bikini model to stand trial over steroid trafficking through the post
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  2. She's too pretty for prison. i will volunteer my home and my time for her house arrest. :D
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    I love the classic line "I can find a spot on my staff for her"
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    You guys are so supportive. Brings a tear to my eye...
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  5. Super hot but was expecting more buns to go with the melons

    8/10 would choke my chicken to it again
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    So much hotter then that aukunaki lizard bitch in the other thread.
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    You beat me to it.
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    89 charges :eek:
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    She will get eaten alive in prison. Literally.

    And yes, she needs more ass falling out of that bikini.
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    Steroids? She doesn't even look like she trains legs ... Id fuck the shit out of her , literally, but she doesn't meet my criteria for hot fitness chick. She just fals under hot slutty looking .
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    That girl needs more ass!

    She's pretty, but she needs more ass.
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  13. Hot and slutty is underrated...still, she needs more ass than that.
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