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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by DonkeyKong, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. DonkeyKong

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    Was wondering if Bill Starr has a website and if not where I can find some of his training articles?I read his columns in the musclemags and have gained some mass/power thanks to his articles...I love the 5x5,awsome...
  2. Poopwithme

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    Follow some of Arnolds old workouts they're very similar..look up football programs..they're about the same..I had a book on mass workouts and he was all in was basic and it worked very well.
  3. Grizzly

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    What the hell are you talking about? There is virtually no correlary between Arnold and Starr's 5X5 program.

    Original poster- there should be some of Starr's stuff in the "Tribute to John Smith" sticky.
  4. Poopwithme

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    In this book i had some of Arnolds work outs from when he was a powerlifter in Europe and they were similar...i no longer have the book as i loaned it and never got it back
  5. Grizzly

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    No, the only similarity is that Arnold believed that working bench, deads and squats in a low rep range produced good, dense muslce. Thus, he would use lower reps. The fact that the rest of his workout had 30 more sets is absolutely nothing like Starr's.
  6. Bob Smith

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    One of Starr's books is "Only the Strong Shall Survive" which is aimed at football players but is really all about his 5x5 program. Try for it.

    The only similarities between his 5x5 workouts and Arnolds workouts are that the included similar movements, otherwise Arnold was super-high volume.