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  1. Apopkared

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    One of our well known suppliers is carrying these and wanted to know if anyone has tried them. Thank you
  2. TRT

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    I was thinking the same thing. Never heard of them before.
  3. Dr JIM

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    Perhaps a more appropriate question would be has anyone even heard of them, or your supplier.

    No doubt they can’t approximate the quality of JimTropin, MillTropin
    or ScalTropin
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  4. Naugahyde

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    Bin - it - tropin?
  5. Damian

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    Bionitropin by bioniche pharma? It is not bad.
  6. Apopkared

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    Yes those are the ones. Pharmasource EU has them in and since I cannot order from PT and PD is no longer available have to find a different source. Wonder if they are true 10 iu’s or underdosed .
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  9. Dr JIM

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    [QUOTE="Apopkared, post: 2169316, member: 89717" Wonder if they are true 10 iu’s or underdosed .[/QUOTE]

    Based upon the HGH testing done by myself, Mands and the literature ALL GGH products ARE UNDERDOSED! And since the degree varied from 10% to 100% the only means of KNOWING is analytical testing.
  10. Dr JIM

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    Those who believe a SINGLE sample assay, in narrative form, is representative of that which will be delivered to the average Joe's doorstep are destined to be sold under dosed HGH, at best!

    And this certainly applies to NEW GGH LABS !!!
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  11. TRT

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    I agree completely.
    Next time could use vocabulary that use non-PH'd users can understand? Thanks, Dad.
  12. Doug_S

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    Yes, but you used AAA and a non-accredited lab. You also did not do basic chemistry QA/QC such as established DQO's, nor did you run instrumentation validation. I suspect you used a university lab, and not a commercial facility.

    In other words, your sampling was a high tech screening method, but certainly not Level III, let alone Level IV data.

    The 10% difference could easily be your own flaws in methodology, and is not necessarily indicative of the product.
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