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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Renegade69, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Renegade69 Member

    Anyone have experience with BioTech? They manufacture Bio-Test, Bio-tren, Bio-Bold and the like. I'm especially interested in their T400. Anyone have feedback? NO SOURCE POSTING.
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    Monkey72 Junior Member

    Just from looking at what I found the price seems too low and 400mg/ml seems like a very high concentration of test / ml of product. I have used a 325 mg/ml sust product before, so I dunno...but I am suspect at best on this one...
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    Renegade69 Member

    Why would a 400mg/ml test blend be suspect? Plenty of labs produce their own T400 variations. I have one god bro who has used them before and was satisfied with their stuff. I'm guessing you have used sustaplex? This T400 blend is a spin off of sust. just at a higher concentration.
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    Bigkarch Member

    why do you keep posting this nataha
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    Renegade69 Member

    i was thinking the same thing karch.....possible spam....broken english, and judging by the pic and name i would imagine it would be more like "natasha"
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    Monkey72 Junior Member

    Hi Renegade,

    Maybe it is my newness to the higher concentrations combined with the low price that leaves me suspect; I have used Sustanon+ 325 before with good results, but I paid more for it and am currently looking at the BD line for their sustanon blend @ 275 mg/ml. However, I still pay about 75% more. Probably just me though...LOL.

    If you get this and it's legit however, good find. I am still used to paying a mint and I don't change around much.

    Also, who is this 'nataha' or 'natasha' person? I have seen a few posts referencing her, but look for messages and they're gone...

    Take care bro...
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    xsosinglesogoodx Junior Member

    i love bio tech gear. well only what i've taken so far with is the t400 and dbol. my boys use the bio tech gear as well and love. i cant honestly tell you that i feel a huge difference with t400 or reg sust 250 ive used. but my weight gain and strength show good results so far. hope the best for you bro.
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    micro Junior Member

    Biotech is good stuff, the only negative thing I have ever heard is that the Test E is a painful.

    Myself and others that I know personally have used the EQ, Deca, Test cyp and all have been 100% , not problems with these at all.

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    BBC3 Member

    Why would you want to mess with that anyway. Poor distribution into body, IMO.. Trying to cram too much T into 1ML is a negative, if not pointless. Stick with more standard formulations of T esters. If you are looking for sust thats a different thing all together as I am sure you are aware.

    Welcome back. You ,might find it is "dumbshit week" at meso lately...

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    G.I. Joe Galway

    G.I. Joe Galway Junior Member

    any current reviews guys?
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    Roidhunter Banned

    Do they have only injects?
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    Ramrod Junior Member

    an you think its realey 400mg's :rolleyes:...get real bro not a chance in hell ... stay away from them UG lab's who say its 400 mg's's utter bull shit you be lucky if there owt in there let alone 400 mg's lol

    use only the best UG lab's out there.. or go with HG gear.
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    HDH Member

    What planet are you from?

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    Melarkin Junior Member

    Wasnt Denkall infamous for their T-400 they use to put out back in the day?
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    HDH Member

    Hell ya. It was my first cycle. Only used 300mg wk and blew the F up. That shit stung like hell but a very nice first cycle.

    That was about 10 years ago.

    All kinds of blends and high mg/ml doses out now. Solid UGLs puttin' em out too.

    Unfortunately for some, they only source to solid bros.

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    shaz84 Junior Member

    currently using their test e and I love it. its 250mg/ml. I never use high concentration gear. But judging from my size and labs this is the real deal, looks like it was packaged in a real pharmacy too. box and vacuum packed plastic around box.
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    juiceboxxx91 Member

    I use all their gear
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    juiceboxxx91 Member

    I am using their t400 and works great using 1600mg per week right now no pip
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    shaz84 Junior Member

    no pip either
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    xmerola85 Member

    hey brotherss back into it and found a nice source of biotech since astro has ignored my last 7 emails lol even though i was a solid customer and loved it but biotech seems he only place to go for now hes very cheap also for most things any word on the orals and im hoping the one i go to is also abbots as well i know no source posting is that the guy lol ?

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