Bitcoin ATM question


hey all,
I'm new to this whole bitcoin thing and I have a few questions as I found a trusted source and need to know a couple things.
This source says I can use his Q code and deposit straight to his bitcoin account as payment versus downloading wallet apps and setting up bitcoin accounts etc.
So my questions are
1. The moment I deposit and use his Q code, are those funds immediately posted as deposited?
2. Since it is a relatively small order, (under$500) I read I may or may not have to confirm with a SMS after either scanning code or initial deposit?
3. If this is just a deposit using a Q code and funds go directly into the account Q code is designed for, wouldn't that be just like a deposit with western union or money gram transfer but just anonymous?
Your input or experience is valued


Cashapp is way easier. Bitcoin transfers have to be verifyied on the blockchain and take 10-20 minutes to post. Download the cashapp, you have to upload some personal info and it takes about a day to verify the first time you withdraw ypur bitcoin, but after the first time it is easy sailing. You can also use a qr code ro send bitcoin in cashapp Never used an atm but seems unnecessary, but if there is one that you have convenient access too and the fees are minimal I see nothing wrong with it.