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  1. Longevity

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    So I guess it's time to get a Bitcoin account, dammit!! Shit confuses me to no end. Anybody steer me in the right direction for a simple tutorial? I'll be using my mobile for this purpose.

    The stuff I have read has me worried and at a loss as what the best way to accomplish this may be. Thanks for any input.
  2. Rusty P.

    Rusty P. Member

    Ok... super easy.

    Download Cash App to your phone. Use your real ID and debit card to go through verification process (about 3 days)

    then, download blockchain app and create a second wallet (first is cash app)

    Once verified by cash app you can instantly buy BTC without a hold on funds.

    now, transfer funds to your anonymous blockchain wallet and use that to make payments.

    works perfectly.
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  3. Rusty P.

    Rusty P. Member

    Additionally, BTC changes in value slightly as days go by. When I’m ready to order let’s say for $500, I shop, pick out my order, calculate price, and buy the bitcoins with about an extra 15$ for fluctuations. Don’t place an order until coins are in your wallet and you are 100% ready.

    Also, any left over/extra coins can be sold right back to cash app and immediately deposited to your bank for a small fee. You don’t have to keep unused coins.
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  4. Longevity

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    Thanks Rusty! I might have to PM you a few times during this setup, if you wouldn't mind? Let me know if that's alright. Thanks again.
  5. Btcowboy

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    I found it confusing as well, managed to buy my BTC, buy my gear. I now have a little BTC in a couple places. I also found you need to make sure you have enough to cover fluctuations and fees, you can get slammed on fees depending on which wallet you use. I am in Canada so a bit different
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  6. Rusty P.

    Rusty P. Member

    Of course. Anyone who has a question about this method can message me. Once you’re set up and see how easy it is, you’ll laugh at WU and MG.
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  7. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Not anonymous.
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  8. Rusty P.

    Rusty P. Member

    Mine is connected to a protonmail account and no personal identifier. Pretty anonymous to me...

    Look, the point is: if Cash App sees you repeatedly sending to flagged wallets they’ll ban you from the service. Using the Blockchain wallet means Cash App only sees you send BTC to a single unflagged wallet. It’s merely an extra layer of protection.
  9. Tiredandhot

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    What Millard is saying is summed up below, take a read.

    Bitcoin As A Government Surveillance And Tracking Tool
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  10. Millard Baker

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    Not true.

    Cash App can see you send BTC to the next wallet address and the next one and the next one...

    So can everyone else. It's public information.

    Except that Square (the owner of Cash App) knows who you are (private info) and they likely monitor who you send it to for several hops (Coinbase reportedly monitors 4) and they likely share information with the IRS if requested.

    Coinbase may monitor who you send payments to up to 4 hops
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  11. BroScientist

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    And the IRS in the very near future may be wanting to know exactly where you sent your bitcoin. Let the fun begin!
  12. Rusty P.

    Rusty P. Member

    Thank you. That’s valuable info.
  13. Longevity

    Longevity Member

    So is it a smart thing to use or more trouble than it's worth?
  14. koolio

    koolio Member

    I don't have a smart it possible to get a bit coin account?...I tried on my computer and got as far as them texting me a seven digit code...
  15. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    Well if you're interested in buying AAS, your options are kinda limited. Very few sources accept anything other than btc, though there are a handful than still take WU.
  16. tattscp35

    tattscp35 Member

    I was told today that PPL doesn't take Cash App?
  17. Seen your post about the quantum computers, just recently a study came out that they’re starting to make their very first in Brazil or something I forget where. One day after this information was released a whale dumped a huge bag of BTC supposably causing the big crash, not just corona. What’s your take on this whole thing ? Will bitcoin be obsolete near future
  18. Cash app is a purchasing platform. You buy BTC from them. The BTC you buy from them is the same that you'd buy from anywhere else.

    Unless he means he won't take BTC transfers directly from Cash App? In which case, most people wouldn't do that anyway.
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  19. MythotiK

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    Good app, but doesn’t show you the fee’s
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  20. genixcon

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    Always send from cashapp to a BTC wallet then from the wallet to the source