Bitcoin - Card or Bank Account

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by anfee, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. anfee

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    So i'm finally jumping on board this damn bitcoin thing to make it easier on myself with several sources and I have a single question about setting up my Coinbase account...

    Who here has their Coinbase account set up to their credit card, bank card, or bank account?

    I'll be using Blockchain before sending out funds, just so everyone is clear...I'm not THAT stupid...but I am a little stupid when it comes to this haha
  2. grey

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    I have used Coinbase in that manner before (card linked). I use a different provider now, but same thing in the end.
  3. Hugh J Sachs

    Hugh J Sachs Member

    Gad gammit I thought I had this bitcion thing figured out, picked an exchange and a wallet, now I need to figure out this chain thing too?
  4. FiEnD

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    I like mine
  5. Hugh J Sachs

    Hugh J Sachs Member

    Whats that?

    So I think I got it,
    Coinbase- buy in
    Transfer to some wallet (need to pick one)
    Transfer again to electrum wallet
    Then tranny funds to vender

    Tumbler or helix is still foriegn to me, though, but some seem to say its prob not necessary for just a small order of 'protein mix
  6. DedLift

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  7. Hugh J Sachs

    Hugh J Sachs Member

    Great more uncertainty. Fuck it Im just going back to paying in gold
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  8. Gainzzz_bro

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    After buying on coinbase, transfer to anther wallet like blockchain and then its good to go? is that it, or should you transfer to another wallet before sending to vendor?
  9. Holistic

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    Yes, buy from coinbase send to another wallet and send to source. Good enough for small stuff... If u want more security send to a Tumbling service but for me it's overkill.
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  10. Millard Baker

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    If that's all you're doing, you might as well send directly from Coinbase. You are not fooling anyone. Coinbase tracks your movements at least 4 hops...

    Coinbase/Circle may monitor who you send payments to up to 4 hops
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