Bitcoin drop?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Nitrust, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Did bitcoin drop significantly recently?

    Last time I bought coins it was like 636 a coin now its in the 400's
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    yes BTC did drop over the last few months. Unfortunately it has been in a bearish trend for quite some time. Since January really.

    The reason for the sharpest decline most recently is because of margin trading most believe.

    Margin trading in BTC has only been around for a few months.

    Ebay announced the other day that within 2 months they will accepting BTC. This is huge news. Huge.

    So most will see the decline as a bad thing, others will see it as an opportunity to get in BTC, which is honestly what we need.

    Hoepfully this helps.
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    I personally think the trend is changing, and recently bought a crapload of bitcoin. I did trade them for LTC as I like playing it to try an increase the amount of BTC I have.
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    It fell quite strong again yesterday, because some guy offered 26000 BTC at once ($300 each), (it might be a tactic to make them cheaper as well as a real dump.)
    personally I will keep investing in them, as I don't think they will fall much lower than what they are now, especially as more and more big companies get involved.
    I see very little downsides to the Bitcoin system (especially when it stabilizes in the future)
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