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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by jJjburton, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Bitcoin hit 7000. Do you think it will go up or down? I believe it will go up even more. I had 5 cent and now its 25 lol. But gunna keep that in there. Now I am gunna invest more in others.

    Am I to late to invest more into bitcoin?
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  2. Eman

    Eman Member

    Not too late. You just won't see the same growth as you would have if you invested earlier.

    I'm still kicking myself for not putting more money in when the price was low, I remember when it was $700... It is over 7k as of this morning.

    Keep in mind, things are going to get a little wacky with bitcoin soon.

    Bitcoin's Big Split: What You Need to Know
  3. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    yes mne too lol. gunna do litecoin and ethruem too. May be some others. 100 dollars in each.
  4. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    So the split is the compainy making a different version but privatly. Its soon. You think before or after would be better.
  5. Eman

    Eman Member

    I bought $50 in ETH a long time ago and have only ever lost money. Good luck.
  6. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    interesting. Well I am gunna get some of the companies that bitcoin splits into, since it will be cheap and can only go up lol. Thanks for the info. Well 50 isnt a lot.
  7. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    I've definitely made a good chunk of money off ltc, ethereum is about the same as when I bought in
  8. Holistic

    Holistic Member

    Eth has been a waste of time... it hit close to 400 only once... it's way down right now though..

    Litecoin hit 80 something once, and it is low right now too

    Bottom line is they aren't keeping up with bitcoin..

    Disclaimer: I make bad trades all the time... but bitcoins constant gains make my bittrex account look good.

    After the fork coming up, very good chance that bitcoin will drop quite a bit.
    I'd recommend buying bitcoin soon as it drops.

    I buy the small altcoins that fluctuate like crazy... (which I don't recommend doing)

    Long term for sure your good with bitcoin.. I'm just disappointed with the last 5 months of eth

    YouTube channels to watch:
    Coin mastery
    Data dash

    There's a lot to learn, but you are on the right track.

    Keep in mind, I'm like Eman... kicking myself for not jumping in a year ago.
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  9. RandallNowan

    RandallNowan Member Supporter

    Bitcoin will settle at around 10k USD. I'm sure of it. I've said it for 5 years... Expect it within 12 months, but could be 2 years. The massive, rapid gains are about done now.
  10. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    What was your buy in then? I got on just before it exploded and have more than doubled the money I put into ETH
  11. matthew0628

    matthew0628 Member

    I remember when bitcoin was just over $300 a few years back
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  12. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    Kicking yourself for not jumping in for over a year ago??

    Fuck man...not to “one up” you, but I was buying shit I shouldn’t have off the deep web back in 2012...and you could only use bitcoins. I remember loading up on bitcoins when they were under $ about kicking yourself!! Fuck me...

    AFAIK, there’s really no telling where bitcoin prices will got some really smart fuckers saying upwards of $1M.
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  13. matthew0628

    matthew0628 Member

    I know about that ^ could you imagine buying just 30-40 bitcoins when they were $10 and leaving them in there...
  14. Eman

    Eman Member

    I bought $50 when it was around $300 I think. It's never really stabilized above that.

    Conversely, I noticed my one bitcoin account is up like $60 just this afternoon.
  15. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    I would imagine there’s a few people out there that did that and stumbled into a small fortune...there was a story back when Bitcoin hit $1K about a guy who forgot he bought a stash of coins and come to find out he had hundreds of thousands just sitting in a BTC wallet.
  16. Senorman

    Senorman Member

    I felt late to the game this summer when I bought a few bitcoins at $2,400. I think in the next 10-15 years it is very likely we'll see bitcoins in the $100k - $1M range. I highly recommend reading "The Internet of Money" by Andreas Antonopoulos. He offers many compelling reasons why bitcoin is here to stay. Makes me realize NOW is just the beginning of the cryptocurrency era.
  17. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    Yeah bitcoin continues to dominate the whole crypto arena. But I find it reassuring that through both of these forks ETH as essentially held steady right around the $300 while the rest of the alts continue to bomb and blows out. I think ETH will be primed for a post fork bull run, much more so than most of the other alts
  18. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    No way it's gunna hit 100k.
    It will deffidently hit the low teens though, I'm investing.
  19. Deisel26

    Deisel26 Member

    If bitcoins market cap continues to rise at the rate it has been rising and the coins continue to be mined there is a possibility that it very well could hit a 100k but it will be years before it happens
  20. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    I agree it's going to continue to go up, but damn it's hard to pull the trigger on investing when it's gone up in such a spectacular manner recently.
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