Bitcoin on the rise again

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Morefyah, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    My BC purchase finally cleared yesterday.
    I initially only bought $825 worth woke up today and it was $1115. Hell yeah!!
    Crazy how it can jump so quick.
  2. Deisel26

    Deisel26 Member

    The fork is weeks away and I'm sure it's going to keep climbing, I've made some Gs in the last 3 weeks because of the rise. I just hope these people claiming 10k a coin next year are right
  3. Scirilo

    Scirilo Member Supporter

    It’s really high yalls think it’s worth buying some now ?
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  4. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    The fork is the 25th I think it will rise till then. Then there will be some pull back and a new floor will be established at around $4300-4500
  5. Deisel26

    Deisel26 Member

    Honestly I don't think for the return you are gonna get that's it's worth it unless u are buying some serious coin.
    I would look more towards ICOs that are out and coming right now for decent returns. Just remember always do your research and never invest more than u are willing to loose
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  6. Senorman

    Senorman Member

    I think you should wait for a dip, perhaps high 4000s then buy. Many big players will take gains and thus the price will come back down temporarily. Say you have $1,000 to drop, spend a month getting your position established, trying your best to buy during the low points (easier said than done sometimes).

    Bitcoin is king and here to stay (IMHO). Exercise caution when buying the lesser cryptos, plenty of pump and dump out there.
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  7. atomictime

    atomictime Junior Member

    If you are planning to wait at least a year, you should definitely buy some. I bought 5 bitcoins 2 years ago for about $2000 and now I have more than $25,000.
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  8. Giveitago

    Giveitago Member Supporter

    Just learning about bitcoin. What is the fork?
  9. jonny8852

    jonny8852 Junior Member

    i have recently started taking interest in this as well. What is the best way to start investing in this? Any good recent tutorials of setting up a wallet and buying?
  10. atomictime

    atomictime Junior Member

    Just search in YouTube how to buy bitcoins in 2017 and you'll find many videos on the subject. The ways that I have invested is by buying in coinbase and by buying from Atms that sell bitcoins.
  11. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    Essentially they plan to split the bitcoin currency into a new bitcoin coin called Bitcoin Gold so mining is less centralized. Then there's another fork is November and it just turns into a big headache. You can google it a bit for a more in depth answer

    The fork has caused btc price to spike cuz last fork in August which created bitcoin cash, everyone who had bitcoin got an equal amount of bitcoin cash. So if I had five bitcoin on an exchange, I automatically received five bitcoin cash coins. I, and most people just sold these right away into bitcoin and we're essentially given free money. In my case, I sold at $900 a coin the day I got it. It peaked at $1100, crashed, and is sitting at about $300ish ATM.

    So now people are loading up on bitcoin hoping they get free bitcoin gold they can flip for free money again. That is also why Alts have been in the shitter the past month. Right around fork time alts should receive a pimp and we should see btc dip a bit and then re establish a new, higher low.
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  12. Giveitago

    Giveitago Member Supporter

    Thanks for the info. Just googled and realize there’s lots to learn! I’ve dabbled in stocks and options....never thought much of bitcoin but has my attention for sure!
  13. miketee

    miketee Member

    A fork branches off a new form of bitcoin. Everyone with a bitcoin will receive the same amount of the new form and it subtracts that amount in value from the bitcoin.

    People are counting on bitcoin rising huge like the last fork with bitcoin cash. It’s a gamble for sure. Some claim bitcoin being worth a million one day.
  14. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    Some exchanges have said they are not honoring the split and not giving bitcoin gold and some have not released any official statements clarifying if they will or not. And bitcoin has already received a huge spike the last month bc of the fork. Basically 3500-4000 on a run to just north of 6k is a huge bull run
  15. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Dude my buddies and I were talking about investing in bitcoin when it was like 6 bucks or someshit.

    My buddy bought some and sold it when it hit 100 and he thought he cashed in.
    Fucking crazy man.
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