Bitcoin or WU?


Yeah. If for no other reason, the market volatility can lose you some money. Sucks having btc when a darknet market gets busted. Nothing like btc losing 40% value in fifteen minutes. . .
I guess in a nutshell buy the coins from either coinbase or circle then transfer to a wallet of your choice? From the wallet go about your business to buy protein powder?
That's not going to fool Coinbase or anyone else. Unless the third-party wallet is Dark Wallet or a wallet with some other implementation of Coinjoin. And even that's not foolproof.

It's better to break the link completing by using something like Helix.


The latter can be verified by anyone by simply sending the vial in for testing.

Not so when it comes to a vendor's claims about the bitcoin security you mentioned.

At best, consumers can look at the address given to them by a vendor to see if it is new, never used before. If it's not, be careful.
Good advice there.

It's pick your poison. Face on camera, handwriting on legal forms, in an unsecured environment? Or the chance the le will tie your money back to you via their IT department. Both options suck.


Anyone wishing further anonymity needs to look more into the apps miller suggested. Coinjoin or helix to tumble. Dark wallet for continued anonymity. And it will all have to start with a local cash buy, via mycelium, localbitcoin, or personal connection. It's beyond my capabilities to write tutorial on this subject. However, cryptocurrency, whether via bitcoin or another currency option, is the future of long distance black market transactions. Best to start learning now, because it's a bitch. And you'd best believe LE is learning along with you. . .

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