Bitcoin skyrocketing

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by penche, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. penche

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    What is driving bitcoin to skyrocket in the last week? It has increased over $100 for every coin. I had a decent amount of chunk and made some cash but pulled all out and cashed in. Don't wanna wake up and it take a dump. It took a bad hit mid 2015. Any savy folks wanna chime in? What the heck is going on? what factors will drive it down?
  2. Skull

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    This confirms yet again why I hate bitcoin. I don't like the way that shit fluctuates like that lol.
  3. wedorecover

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    Break bread my boy we gonna need a cut lol jk @Ryno1980 @TorroXL
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  4. Eman

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    I made some money... IRS is probably on their way here now. :eek:
  5. legendary

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    Cash is king
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  6. TorroXL

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    CIM is how we roll...
  7. penche

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    Yea I was texting homie @Ryno1980 about that shit just going nuts. I got cold feet and pulled out, obviously my luck is shit cuz it's still on the rise. It's up $126 per coin since last week! So if you have 2 coins $1600 last week you would've made an eazy $250 in one week! I'm not a baller by any means but like @legendary said cash is king. I need those greenbacks on steady.

    Suppose you could put an alert sell but not my style.

    Old school but that method still solid within USA.
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  8. Sk8man101

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    With nothing of value to back it up absolutely. Scary shit.
    Invest in silver if you really want to do somthing like that.
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  9. TorroXL

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  10. XKawN

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    Brexit crashed it a few months back and now the assumption trump is gonna fix the economy is probably driving the coin up. Right now it's over $900 a coin and growing. I pretty much stopped paying attention to the price. Just goes up and down so fast that it would drive you mad if you were emotionally attached.
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  11. penche

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    I agree it'll make you crazy. I will buy back in smaller increments. Just its taking a $28 dollar drop per coin.
    $875 per coin now
  12. XKawN

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    Shit, trump must have just tweeted something.
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  13. DedLift

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    Yeah, I sat down at the toilet this AM all ready for a relaxing dump and nothing came out but baby rabbit droppins and I thought "well played Trump, well played"
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  14. Perrin Aybara

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    I only made $2. :(
  15. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    I made $150 lol... took that right out... an hour later it took a big dive.
  16. ronin17

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    Lol!! God bless you bro. At least you're consistent:)
  17. XKawN

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    The brexit comment was that of a bitcoin expert. The other is just common sense. I would guess that a vast majority of Americans suspect trump will improve the economy, hence the stock market. The markets, including bitcoin, are driven by emotion not reality.
  18. Nat2Syn

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    lol just hold, you will make a lot more than $150 in 2017.
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  19. EbFS

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    I've made almost 450 so far, just woke up to see a 10% increase during my sleep :)
  20. penche

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    Fuking lost 200. I'm staying until it goes back up dammit
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