Bitcoin to US dollars

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by jJjburton, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    How do you make bitcoin into money, I can put into my bank?
  2. Toadzyyy

    Toadzyyy Junior Member

    I find cash app to be the easiest and cheapest way. Just create an account transfer it into your wallet, sell, and then transfer back into your bank account.
  3. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Does coinbase do this too.

    can I litterally put the bitcoin and trade to usd. Then put into my account.

    Last time I tried this was a year ago. That was when you had to sell it to other people. The only way to get USD.
  4. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    So when you say sell. Do you mean just trade it for usd? Or sell to another person who has cash app?
  5. Tiredandhot

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  6. Toadzyyy

    Toadzyyy Junior Member

    Yes, when you hit the "sell" button it instantly just becomes usd in your account. Coin base is the same, but I find it to have higher fees and I don't like running money through there because of the holding period when purchasing coins, so I just use cash app instead. I hope this helps
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  7. putazorra

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    So I glad I found this site. I've been wanting to learn how to use Bitcoin but was intimidated. I tried looking online but was still left confused. Glad to see people explaining things here in easy simple terms.
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  8. Venom82

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    Can use coinbase