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  1. penche

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    Ok i got shafted $25 dollar on fees with a third
    Party bitcoin wallet, on a $65 dollar total. This has never happened. Wallet was mycelium. Was going to use bread wallet but heard same issue. Anyone else experiencing this mess or high rates. I purchase with Coinbase but transfer to another wallet. Coinbase fees are not nearly as high although they will block your account if they don’t like wht they see in regards to transactions. Anyhow, any info appreciated.
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    I use Blockchain to pass thro but they charged me 35 or 40 bucks for my last 700 dollar transfer so I’m in the market as well
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    Yea that’s some bullshit rape rt there
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    I gotta get it figured out soon too, it’s about time to re-up on my HG. Post links to different sites or apps and we can check them out. I’ll do the same unless someone already knows
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  5. Iron Vett

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    Bread charged me $12.50 on a $230 bitcoin transfer.
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  6. Holistic

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    Bitcoin is slow and expensive as far as sending money...

    Here are some ideas:

    1. The more you pay in mining fees the faster the transaction. Most people want fast transfers so wallets default to highest fees(fastest transfers). I use jaxx wallet and you can set the mining fee based on how fast u need to transfer the bitcoin. See picture attached. >>> if you can wait a bit send it with a low mining fee (slower but cheaper)

    2. Ask the receiver if they will take ethereum or litecoin >>> so much cheaper and faster than bitcoin (Bitcoin has become a store of value and not optimized for transferring money)

    I've used both options 1 and 2 and they work perfectly.

    3. To really avoid fees you can use gdax (which is coinbase) and put limit orders in and there won't be a 3.9% fee to buy bitcoin off a credit or debit card (however bank transfers are a great option) here's a YouTube video on avoiding card fees...


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    Thank you brotha very helpful info !
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  8. Holistic

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    This shows the cost to send $135.78 litecoin... $0.01 (a penny)

    Cost to send $26.69 ethereum >>> $0.19

    I paid $4.50 to send $25.00 of bitcoin recently

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  9. rugerjitsu

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    Coinbase just charged me less than $3 to send $140 to my exodus wallet...
  10. Maj1979

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    Awesome info brothers