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  1. boxcar

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    Hey guys, can anyone help me out with bitcoin?

    Any PM would help...or websites.

    1-Do I have to use a bank account?? if I have to, then why use a prepaid card to load bitcoin?
  2. rugerjitsu

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    google will be your best bet here...getting your hands on bitcoins doesn't come easily. there are websites that help, such as, but really...just start googling and learning as much as possible.
  3. ChaseQ

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    Buying BC isnt illigal. So purchasing them can be easy. Just use

    Ive been playing with them for some time and got in when they were around $8. YEP! I did alright! If you have any questions Ill try to help.
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  4. pumpingiron22

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    I use coin base as well and transfer it to bitwallet and dark wallet.
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  5. I wish I got them when they first came out .

    I know people that had over a thousand when the coins first came out .
  6. They dont come easily? LOL.. They are easy to buy. You can open up an account and have some in your wallet in as little as 30min. Sometimes quicker..
  7. Nitrust

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    I used coinbase. Really easy to setp
  8. ChaseQ

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    YEP! You just left out one last step pump...go shopping for fun stuff. haha
  9. vvegas

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    Bitcoin was my chance to be rich .. some shitty poker site used them as there money and they were stupid cheap back then I just didn't trust in digital currency.. I was going to get 1000 plus
  10. ChaseQ

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    Dont beat yourself up too much...but ya thats like throwing away a winning lottery ticket!

    I started buying them at around $8. When they hit $60 I told my close friends this is going to make some people rich. Some got in. WHen it hit $1000 I dumped most and told my buddies to do the same. It peaked at about $1150 if I remember correctly.

    I would like to say Im some amazing investment guru but it was just a hunch and dumb luck...but thats better than no luck!
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  11. Dirty_wop

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    if someone was going to pay for something in bitcoin, and say it was $1400 and change, how would that equate?. forgive me for the ignorance, ive never used Bit,
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  13. Dirty_wop

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    derp, damn . didnt i didnt think about that. lol
  14. Legion

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    Coinbase requires you to link your bank account. It takes three business days to hit your wallet, but if you have a credit card you can instant buy a few hundred I believe. Their rates are the best I've seen. I always buy a little extra in anticipation of price fluctuation and fees, etc.
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  15. rrrocket

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    I may have missed it but haven’t notice anyone in this form recommend cleaning your coins. There are hidden services that mix your coins to remove the link between you and your transactions, protect you against blockchain analysis.
  16. vidocq

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    I'm pretty new to crypto currencies. Are you talking about BTCD, or are you talking about a piece of software?
  17. vidocq

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    I was reading up on dark wallet and it seems pretty unstable right now. You've actually been using it with success???
  18. pumpingiron22

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    No that is an old post due to it being unstable I lost to many coins. There are better methods at this point.
  19. rrrocket

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    No not btcd. Bitcoin Blender an anonymous bitcoin mixing service, mixes your coins with other users to break the track to the original source. They charges about 2%, only available as a Tor hidden service.
    There are also several ways of mixing your coins for free that can help protect against blockchain analysis, google “shared coin”.