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  1. PNWexcell

    PNWexcell Member

    just curious on why no one accepts it or takes it? It seems way more legit that money gram etc.
  2. Sassyemgirl

    Sassyemgirl Junior Member

    Dunno who you've been using but most sources use bitcoin...
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  3. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    Yea. Lots of places take it and prefer it
  4. Eman

    Eman Member

    Not only is it common, several sources offer bonuses or discounts just for using bitcoin.

    HIGHRISK Member

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  6. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Yep I pretty much stick to sources who use easy
  7. SuperMaroid

    SuperMaroid Member Supporter

    Almost all of the sources use bitcoin...
  8. puckhog

    puckhog Member Supporter

    Yea OP. Who are you referring to that does not take Bitcoin?? @PNWexcell
  9. XKawN

    XKawN Member

    I think he may mean stores. If so you can buy gift cards from places like egifter.
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  10. PNWexcell

    PNWexcell Member

    For example onyx is still wu and mg
  11. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    A couple of years ago, I predicted most sources would eventually start accepting bitcoin. But it will take time for the marketplace to adapt. Maybe half are doing so now. It may be another year or two before everyone does. It's still just a matter of time.
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  12. PNWexcell

    PNWexcell Member

    Who is gtg domestic with bitcoin
  13. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    You're not going to get that answer this way
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  14. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    I am as old fashioned as they come on top of that I hate change, and I suck at using a computer,
    but I signed up for circle .com today and used it to place an order it made me realize what a dinosaur I am,
    it was simple and easy even for someone as computer illiterate as me, I will be using it as much as I can from now on.
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  15. SuperMaroid

    SuperMaroid Member Supporter

    You will not get this answer on this board. Do research.

    I didnt want to change either. I was very late switching to bitcoin but circle is so easy to use.
  16. Cramps88

    Cramps88 Member

    Circle is easy to use but how do I change the transfer limit. It says 300 dollars but when I order it will be more than that?