Bitmessage - decentralized protocol outside reach of NSA warrantless wiretapping

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  1. Millard Baker

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    Is decentralized Bitmessage superior to centralized email services such as anonymousspeech and countermail?


    Popular Science mention of Bitmessage:


    Forbes mention of bitmessage:

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  2. pumpingiron22

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    Great post. Look forward to checking it out. So this is similar to cryptocat but its an email?
  3. Millard Baker

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    Bitmessage is not email. Both bitmessage and cryptocat are decentralized. But only bitmessage is P2P; cryptocat uses XMPP server protocol. At least, this is my layperson understanding.

    Also, bitmessage has its own messaging client rather than a browser extension.
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  4. Avies48

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    Ok im just starting to post again on meso.... I have to wonder with this bitmessge cant a source such as nsa just put a time stamp or some other tracker on bitmessages and follow them per se'? I mean nsa has had countless secret programs that are still comming to light such as the recent aircraft one where they make fake phone towers and have ur phone connect to those towers to eavesdrop.... I mean nothing is completly secure, this sounds promising but so was tor, and u saw what happened there....
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    It makes me kind of leery if Popular Science and Forbes is mentioning it.
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