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    C374AF7D-9D95-4113-8259-261A7076A5EB.jpeg 8ACDE711-B90C-45A0-9300-5DD84B09E316.jpeg Anyone ever heard of this lab?

    New to message boards so don’t blast me for posting in wrong section.
  2. Eman

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    You posted in the wrong section!!!

    Just kidding. :)

    I've heard of them before. They had some mixed reviews a while back. I don't know if you'll find anything definitive on them, like testing or anything. This could also be a different lab, I have a feeling that this is a popular UGL name.
  3. JosephCarter

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    Hahaha ya I figured it was a popular name. Got from a reliable friend who competes and a lot of other people run it.. just figured I’d test the waters and see if anyone outside of my circle heard of it.

    Haven’t run anything in 10 years figured mid 30s good time to jump back on the wagon .

    Hitting 250mgs twice a week
    adex .50mg EOD

    pct going to run clomid 100mg 7 days then 50mgs 23 days.... debating throwing in some nolva or hcg

    HIGHRISK Member

    Seems like a lot of adex for only 500 mg a week. IMO
  5. Sk8man101

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    Well they got cool ass labels on their vials.
    I’ll give em that.
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