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  1. GetBig0087

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    I recently took the plunge and ordered some black tops from TP. Has anyone been doing business with him lately? I sent the funds and haven't heard back from him. I know it's him because I got his info off of PM.
  2. Evom1

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    He won't normally respond, at the most you get "ok"
  3. GetBig0087

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    Alright so I shouldn't be worried then. Patience is always key in this game. It took a lot of researching to find him but I think it'll pan out.
  4. Rick Kane

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    How long has it been?

    I ordered some blacks earlier this month. Sent funds and got a response a couple days later. He said, and I quote, "ok".

    Nekminute..Blacks #37
  5. Evom1

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    Yes. He's absolute bare minimum on communication
  6. GetBig0087

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    Just ordered them so just a matter of days. It's still early on, I'm definitely stoked to run them and get some bloods to post up. Only issue I've been running into is there isn't any collection labs on the island I'm on.
  7. Giveitago

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    Ordered a few weeks ago from him first time. Had previously used PD. About a week after he said he got the funds I emailed asking if he’d send tracking info (also asked when I sent email saying funds sent and he didn’t answer). He answered the second email a week later and I had them in mailbox the next week. 6 kits batch 37....pretty fast t/a bit he’s definitely not a “talker”.
  8. GetBig0087

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    I'm not about the talking anyways, results are what I'm looking for. I know he's legit and he comes very highly recommended. It's a shame about what happened to PD, same with Alpha Pharm. Two good names gone forever. I'm planning on doing a good 6+ month run on the HGH though.
  9. Anabolic-Chicken

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    please what happened to PD?
    I know that the founder of alpha pharm got arrested,but I have heard about PD?
  10. ThE SiCkNeSs

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    He done. Trust me. You can find some details in the platinum direct thread in the underground. Please don’t bump it though. Let it die.
  11. RThoads

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    I got an "ok" myself about a month and a half ago and still waiting.
    I know TP is good -- he has been around a long time and has always come through for me. But my only worry is now that its been longer than I thought the weather is getting HOT and I worry about teh GH holding up in the heat.
    I need to save up so next year I can order a year's worth in January during the cold months.
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  12. mands

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    I wouldn't worry about the heat big guy. Those bad boys will sustain more than you know :)

  13. Dr JIM

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    Considering the risk of communicating these days, I think thats a wise decision on TPs behalf.
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  14. RThoads

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    I agree and I rather have him safe and working then busy chatting it up with a thousands random people, some of which may not have his best interest in mind.
  15. GetBig0087

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    Agreed, just do business and do it well. The banter is over rated as long as I get the information necessary.
  16. RThoads

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    The Eagle has landed -- #37
    been excellent business for multiple years
  17. Quick question guys....are you reconstituting these blacks, specifically #36 & #37, as 10iu per or 15iu per? Thanks
  18. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Honestly brother, while I know they are most likely around ~15 iu based upon many results posted on previous batches, I treat them as 10 (only because I am crazy like that and think more is better haha). I am not so worried about getting exact dosage so much as I am wanting to make sure I am above a certain threshold -- so in my case a little more is better than being exact -- if I am taking an extra couple iu then all the better.

    But yes, I believe many indeed treat them as 15iu.
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  19. I treated my last batch, #32 (PD), as 15iu and with only 2iu every evening had igf-1's in the mid 400's. I appreciate the response.
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  20. Dr JIM

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    Based upon the assays I’ve run on BT none have been underdosed more than 10%!

    The suggestion any GH product is underdosed by 30% warrants analytical confirmation

    And should analytical testing
    confirm such a deficit exists, it would behoove users to question not only product QUALITY but also their SOURCE.

    Bottom line settle (or pay) for junk and it’s likely that’s what you’ll get.

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