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    I learned a valuable lesson within the past two hours. Long story short- I used blackwallet to store my XLMs until i can get to my hardwallets which i keep elsewhere. I had been putting it off and as luck would have it, blackwallet was hacked and a script was built into so as soon as you log in, it drains your entire balance minus the reserves. So, yes, i lost alot just now. Im not having much luck with XLM wallets AT ALL and i thought the other issues were a big deal..i was wrong...Regardless, of what wallet(s) youre using, this applies. I fucked up not transferring to my ledger, i admit it. I fucked up big time, FUCK!!!
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    I dont even know what to do bro...mods on reddit say the devs have notified the FBI, etc. Im watching the wallet thats draining these accounts and its value is growing and growing and growing...
    Close to 200K in 6
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    your loss or their gain? Either way I hope you end up with a good resolution...
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    Their gain...and its over 400k now Screenshot_2018-01-13-19-17-31.png
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    Wait so you just lost 400k?
    Fucking a man that's terrible.

    I think alot of places selectively scam people.
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    They gained it, he lost less
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    No. This is the account that is absorbing all the blackwallet accounts. Once I went to log in to my account, it immediately drained my account down to 20XLMs.
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    Shitty. Sorry bro and thanks for the heads-up..
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    no. :(
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    Yea, its looking bad. I was in direct contact with the developer of the wallet- an IT student. He said the hackers called his provider (1&1) and changed his email and password. Seems odd..but anyway. they rewrote the code adding in cloudflare so the second you put in your secret key, its a wrap!
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    Fucking bitch man wow! How does one avoid being robbed like this?

    I've been thinking of trading alt coins, but if some cunt hacker can just steal my earnings with easy what's the fucking point right?! I'd be throwing shit and slamming tables if this happened to me lol.
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    It was just carelessness on my part. Spreading myself across too many alts and worrying more about price fluctuations and not enough about security. Lesson learned, however.
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    Western union here I come.