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    So I was cutting and was down to 235 and realized, I need to fill my 6’6” frame.

    I’m running 130mg tren acetate eod with test prop 100...50-100mg Anavar here and there and 50mg of proviron ed.

    People say a anavar isn’t a bulked, but I believe in taking a dose of creatine pre and post workout.
    Anavar increases creatine’s function, it will make you stronger and you can grow from simply being able to lift more.

    I believe the trenbelone has to be used like
    I’m cattle.
    It’s gonna be 1000g of carbs a day eventually.
    Gaining weight on tren requires calories, carbs and to push the food and partition like a beast.
    I’m going for it. I’m bulking on this tren and building slabs of muscle.

    I’m going to add 4 units of some generic with good reviews. The tren and gh synergy should
    Be epic. If only I could just get some good primo! I’d run this cycle for 20 weeks hahahahahahha!!!!!!!

    I’m making gains. I need to bulletproof my diet so I don’t get too much plaque or oxidative stress.

    My energy is insane on tren actually, vets, anyone ran high tren and got huge by eating tons of carbs?

    So far I’m responding incredibly to tren
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    I remember my first tren cycle lol
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    Sound logic.
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    Good luck Chiller...get shit done!