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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by DaVinci2, Jun 20, 2006.

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    DaVinci2 Junior Member

    After my 9th shot of test I had blood work done. I got the results weeks later. Now it shows that my white blood count is high 93 (Reference range is from ? ---- 80) and my red blood count is at 514 (Reference range is from ? ----500)

    Is this because of the test? Should I be concerned?
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    pcgizzmo Junior Member

    Hemoglobin and Hematocrit can rise. RBC possibly slightly. White blood cells rise normally when there is an infection. You feeling OK???
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I hope your drinking a lot of water or your test can come out like this. For the next test make sure your drinking at least 8 8oz glasses of water. If still high give blood to the red cross.
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    Ruper Junior Member

    Good point. Did you fast? If so my understanding is that the 'fast' should not include restricting water. Of course if you didn't, again make sure you are well hydrated.

    If you got other tests at the same time, they might indicate if you were a bit dehydrated. Albumin is a good one. I think some of the others on a CMP can also give a clue.
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    cpeil2 Junior Member

    Those are pretty minor elevations. Worth getting a repeat CBC in two or three months, but probably not worth losing sleep over.
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    DaVinci2 Junior Member

    Feeling fine.

    As far as being hydrated: When I go in to get tested, I wake up after 7 hours sleep, head straight to the hospital and wait. After 30 or so minutes they take my blood. In this time I don't have a drink of anything. I'm just so tired. I guess that could be it?

    I normally drink about 4 to 5 liters of water throughout the day, but on days I go to the hospital I have to be up early and I just don't have the urge for anything. I guess I should drink a few glasses before going in?
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    Normandy Junior Member

    How does Albumin tip u off that you're dehydrated? What would u expect to see if dehydration occured?

    -- Normandy
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    Ruper Junior Member

    IMO, definitely. When I do morning fasted draws, I wake up, immediately drink 12 oz water, then sip at least 12oz in the next hour before having blood drawn. That does immitate what I do most morings, although I add coffee (and breakfast) in there too.
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    Ruper Junior Member

    It will be higher than normal. Of course if it is 4.7 - 4.9, it would be hard to tell from 1 draw (you'd need to know your normal level). When I was a bit dehydrated it came back over normal at 5.2. My other results were all 4.6-4.7.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I just got my last blood tests and my
    RBC is 5.95 range is 4.35 to 5.90 mill/cu mm.
    HGB is 17.3 range is 13.7 to 17.0 g/dl
    HCT is 52.2 range is 40.5 to 49.7 %
    RDW is 16.6 range is 11.0 to 14.6 %
    My Dr. last test 6 weeks ago felt my levels were to low so he upped my hcg from 250 IU's to 500 IU's and this is what happened so now down to 350 IU's and I fee this is to high. I drink 12 8oz glass's of water a day.

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