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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Sparkyp, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Sparkyp

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    hey. My hematocrit levels were close to 54. My clinic suggested I donate blood which I did.
    First time ever

    That was Friday afternoon, I’ve been kind of tired since. Pumps suck at the gym. Is this normal?

    My iron was in range but on the low side Red Cross said. Idk. Just curious on if this is expected
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    Pumps going away is normal. Tiredness as well. It affects people differently. I’m good to go right after a donation, some are wiped out.
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  3. Sparkyp

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    Mac, you should be nominated for a Nobel peace prize. Lol

    Appreciate the responses.

    Yeah man, I actually felt great after the donation. Like “fresh” but next few days I’m shot.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    I mean you gave up 1/9th if your blood volume which also means a significant portion of nutrients and such in that blood. If it gets burdensome I’d ask your doctor, but a day or two hangover from it seems normal in my experience for some people.
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  5. Sven_Northman

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    I donated a couple weekends ago. I felt fine right after, but was a bit out of it for the next 4-5 days. A little more tired than usual, slightly dizzy, and kinda lost my appetite. Was still able to train.

    Seems to affect everyone differently. So yes, totally normal.
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  6. Sparkyp

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    Your spot on. Appetite is down, tired, lightheaded. I bought beef liver on Saturday and ate a bunch and it felt like it Rejuvination.

    I haven’t had red meat in 5 years or something. Probably why iron was so low. I’ll.

    It’s comforting to know I’m not losing my shit.

    A couple weeks before donating my hands were tingly and going numb. That seemed to go away. Idk. I hope I’m not in that minority of people that are sensitive to test
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  7. LeoTC

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    I mean, did you eat your cookie after? Was it a quality cookie or some dollar store bullshit?

    You're saving lives, giving the gift of vicarious swolverocity to the people enfeebled by disease and trauma.

    They better be dropping that acid free Minute Maid and Snickerdoodles on ya afterward. Your recovery is important too.

    Loss of appetite and lethargy are clearly depression brought on by lack of appreciation. Like a benevolent God that the blissful mortals of this world take for granted, and forget to praise.

    Fuck those guys.

    Smite them them all. '_'
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  8. Sven_Northman

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    Test wont make your hands tingly and numb. HGH will, nerve damage or inflammation will. But not test.

    On cycle read meat is king. Stick to low fat cuts. Filet mingon is great if you can swing the cost.
  9. Tiredandhot

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    Red cross will never stop bugging you. I donated once and they email, call and text constantly as they need blood all the time.
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