blood letting cupping to remove toxins...

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by liftermo, Nov 5, 2010.

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    liftermo Banned

    This is a good way to cleanse your system after use.

    It is a direct detox. Cleanses the blood.
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    fina lover

    fina lover Member

    i know alot of these cleansers are BS, is there any controlled testing that's been done on this product
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    liftermo Banned

    its not a product, someone cuts your skin and sucks out bad blood and toxins using a pump.
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    fina lover

    fina lover Member

    lolololol dam shit aint no joke.
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    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    That's one treatment when you get bit by a poisonous snake
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    solo47 Member

    My red blood cell count is high, so my doc wants to see it go down before his next prescription for my HRT. I've been told that donating blood will help but that one pint is not enough to significantly lower it. I'm thinking maybe I can give blood twice in a week late next January (& drink a lot of water) before getting my blood tested.

    Some docs are apparently willing to do "therapeutic phlebotomy", that is, bloodletting, in their office to lower red blood cell count, but I don't know how this could "cleanse" anything.

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    BBC3 Member

    Cupping is just some down right wierd ass shit found only on the chase through perverted websites... ( I should know[:eek:)]) I can actually think of a few real uses I may have had in the past, or potential for future. But none the less:p:confused::rolleyes:......

    There is no use for this for lowering red blood cells. Older guys like Jasup (CPRN stated) said that when you give blood to ask for taking "double red cells" or some shit like that... I dont fucking know. But the long and short is that giving a unit of blood should SUBSTANTIALLY lower red blood cells. I just dont see why one would need to as mine have never really skewed.. "hemocrits" may be the same thing as a red count. but it may be exactly that. I have never asked....Still my Hemocrits have never gone above normal levels. Even if one blood draw is not enough, just get a second. Be sure and dont tell them. They normally say like 8 weeks. The only thing else there (I think) is plasma and that recharges quickly.

    FYI water wont help as they probably check hemocrits or blood count prior to testing. So its not about volume at all. Even if you were injured you would probably produce enough plasma have good volume in days. Further, if you are in an injury/blood loss, they will tell you to eat greens/ iron and still it takes A LONG TIME to refurb red blood cells.

    About the blood letting. I watched an interesting show on that one time and there may actually be some real world application to it that produces desired health results. I dont recall the specifics, but you would be supprised.... Perhaps at a minimum, it simply spurs the body to produce new RBcells that are not contaminated with whatever is in there. So blood letting was a prolonged thing and not just one day with leeches. Think about it. Take a disease like AIDS, has anyone ever documented the time it takes for a red blood cell to be affected, or a whie cell to be infected? Perhaps there is even a "youth period" when the cell (red or white) is not liable to AIDS or other diseases. So modern medicine has proven that a simple transfusion will not rid the body of the disease, but have they tested long term? Or teaching the body to produce new blood at a faster rate? A transfusion would not create demand for any new production. So again, a time tested method forgotted, but maybe should not be discounted. You never know. We tend to skip by the basics in our quest for advancement, when never sticking to the original idea close enoght to get outside the first box significantly. "If it works and all". You never know... Perhaps prolonged blood letting combined with todays therapies could be the road to healing all kinds of illness. via training the body to produce new RBCs (or all blood cells for that matter) at faster rate. That was the basic premise. Pehaps "blood letting" is associated with red blood cells due to color, and in fact, its the blood letting as a whole that applies the impact.....:popcorn: Now there;s a buzzin cuszin for ya....:drooling:

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    MAYO Member

    Blood-letting? Who the fuck let musuldouche back on the forum?
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    Jeton Member

    :mad:HEY! hiz Hakim izz very best Hakim! don't go puttin shit down when u don't know the power of the Dumb Side!:cool:
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    Olthetime Junior Member

    LMAO [:eek:)] your joking right?
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    liftermo Banned

    Cupping gets rid of toxins, xince we inject toxic substances eat toxins this will clear it straight from blood.

    In the olden days leeches used to suck the bad blood out. Now they do it through sunction cups. Dead blood cellss, toxins etc are sucked out. When i got it done i had 3 - 4 blood clots removed which i did not know existed.
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    Thickneck Member

    Take a bath in leeches 3 times a week . J/C . Weird ass shit .
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    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    He'll be gone soon once everyone's used him for a punching bag [:eek:)]

    LOL you crack me up, Jeton :D
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    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Yeah...that was the old way to get rid of snake toxins.
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    Olthetime Junior Member

    It is a complete myth though and has absolutely zero application. The moment you are invenomated the blood almost instantly is carried from the site and difuses into your system. There is NO WAY of sucking out poison. Its like saying you can pin yourself then suck it out 10 seconds later if you change your mind. :D
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    marinek9 Junior Member

    My Ht (Hematocrit) def. gets way out of control, sometimes my PCV is close to 60% This can put one at a high risk of stroke. Giving bllod is the only way I now of to reduce this level, other than to stop using, and thats NOTY GOING TO HAPPEN!!! [}:)]

    Most blood collection agencies (Red Cross) test for high levels and the cut off is usually around 57% So you have to stay on top of it, I have been rejected before. Then you have to find a no name blood drive somewhere where they don't have the same equipment as the local Red Cross center, LOL (I'm serious). It's def.something I would recomend to everyone who uses. I try to give a "double red blood cell" every 8 weeks. Well I would like to give every 8 weeks, not sure if I actually do.

    Normal PCV is about 48% for a non-using male. Try to keep yours under 55%.. Dont worry to much about what it means just go give some blood!!!
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    marinek9 Junior Member

    I like that "therapeutic phlebotomy", gonna ask my doc bout it...

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