Blood test after pct are bad - please advise

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    My bloods came back with some alarming news like DHEA-s.
    I've done my first ever cycle of testosterone 500 mg for 12 weeks from 13th December. Finished 2 weeks pct on 13th March with nolvadex and Chlomid (couldn't do 4 weeks pct as I was having suicidal thoughts).

    Blood taken 15th June to see if my testosterone recovered and today I received these results (below). Bloods from before cycle and mid cycle were nearly perfect (low SHBG) Now after cycle they're a mess:

    SHBG is 11.2 nmol/L

    Oestradiol is 160 pmol/L

    DHEA sulphate 21.6 umol/L

    Testosterone before cycle (natty) was 363 and now it's recovered to 500. I'm 29 years old, 6'7" 90 kg with no health problems.

    I'm just about to start another cycle and I was going to BnC but at this point I don't know where I'm standing health wise and if it's safe for me to get back on gear.

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    I was chewing nicotine gum whilst taking the blood sample which explains the high DHEA-S. I came across a study which says nicotine increases DHEA S.

    What I don't understand is why my Estrogen is so high months after pct. Was fine throughout the cycle.
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    You have a good total T level. How do you feel? Are you showing any signs of high estrogen? If you are not, i wouldnt worry about it.
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    I'd suggest you cease conducting labs that have little to no bearing on the use of AAS as PEDs, such as DHEA and SHBG.

    IME those who believe intermediary (DHEA) or protein binding (SHBG) testing provides "additional information" often micromanage their use of PEDs and have different goals than Meso's majority.

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    160 pmol/L=43.5 pg/mL, not really that high.
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    Mostly “trt clinics” interested in those values.