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    How much should one expect there igf-1 levels to go up on a blood test over the course of 1.5 to 2 month doing 1iu for first month a 2iu for second month reason im asking is to ascertain if my hgh is legit or shit.( Using Somatrope 50 iu from German Labs)
    Thanks for your serious comments only.
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    To my knowledge it should be around mid to high 300’s ,but depends on your natural levels.

    Checkout hgh lab test examples for a reference guide.
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  3. mands

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    It vary's person to person. What were you baseline IGF-1.

    A good rule of thumb is every iu expect 100 ng/mL increase up to a certain number then this number decreases.

    2 iu's a day should probably yield you in the 200's if you are a male.

  4. Dax

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    I started out at 162 (IGF-1) after 2 month I'm at 167 the question I'm asking is my gh working or should I be seeing higher numbers
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    I would say no sir. I would expect you to be in the higher 200 range. When during the day are you taking it and are you skipping mutiple days?

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    100% agreed. Looks like he may have some bad GH unless he's only injecting once a week or something.
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    6 days on 1 off , injection in early morning 2 hours before I eat.
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    If there is only a 5 point increase. Something is off.

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    You should take into consideration that rHGH suppresses nature GH production. the best way to figure out how much IGF points you get per iu would be to do bloods on pharma HGH.
    In this case he's scoring about 84 points per iu which is reasonable. I normally score 82 IGF per iu.
  10. I personally started in the 190's as a baseline and with 2iu qd I was in the 400's (PD's product reconstituted at 15 iu). This cycle went for 6 mos. and I took 2 months off. Started back on 1 June at only 1ui qd. Labs are cooking as I type and will post when I receive them. I did not check baseline after 2 mon break. Currently using TP's product reconstituting at 15. I agree the individual variability is significant but after reading many posts here with labs, including my own experience, i would question the authenticity of your product.
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    It suppresses it to a degree it does not take it down to nil. He only had a 5 point increase. That could be natural fluctuation.

    So, I'm not really getting what you are saying? Can you explain further.

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  12. I understand your math but in order to give credit to his supplement for a 167 you are assuming a baseline of zero!!'s hard to come up with a scenario other than bulk gear. It's another great example of why we need to get labs in order to validate our supplement.....regardless of sides. Good information and a good discussion.
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    It doesn't shut down completely but from the lab results I seen from people, rHGH, like other exogenous hormones greatly suppresses natural GH production. You won't see much increase in baseline IGF levels if you take exogenously the amount of GH your body produces naturally for example.
  14. I understand where you're coming's not quite like that.
    First of all the hormones can be categorized into two different classes: non-lipid based (protein) and lipid based (steroid). The protein based hormones are generally rapid-acting and decay quickly from the plasma thus requiring daily, or more, injection(s). But most importantly they are secreted on the basis of demand...i.e. blood sugar. The steroid based hormones are much slower acting with long half-lives. They are secreted based on things like growth, maturation....long-term needs. Acute suppression of GH for example does occur. However, with rapid decay....and ongoing need....seretion will resume in less than 24 hours. Plus don't forget about the ghrelin pathway...another non-suppressed mechanism for secretion. The steroid bases hormones are the ones that after exogenous supplementation can be quite resistant to recovery. Sorry for all the typing but I hope this makes sense. it's damn complicated....
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  15. I meant 'bunk' gear not 'bulk'
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    That’s a great post, GoBig. Thank you for that
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    I think I'm going to try something different if anyone has any recommendations I'm open to listening I live in the States so would need to get domestically or guarantee delivery for internationally.
    Thanks all for your comments.