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    so I went to my local clinic today to request some blood work so I have a baseline and also to see if I am a candidate for TRT. Anyways it’s a telenet clinic so basically you get evaluated by a nurse then conference call with a doc. So after describing the usual symptoms of low t so the nurse would figure out to recommend a blood panel she hooks me up with the doc via video call and the doc is just trying to push a depression diagnosis . Anyways finally she agrees to give me blood work and fills out a form for me to take to the lab. Unfortunately i don’t think any of the tests are actual testing for T. Hoping some members here can let me know maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see anything on the form .

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    I don't see anything on that form that indicates to me to look for test etc.

    I've seen weird names for tests that look for test, lh & fsh etc but none of those are that either.
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    To me it looks like she looking at kidney functions, diabetes and thyroid and kept asking me about thoughts of self harm and if I felt like things would be better if I wasn’t here . Like wtf. Clearly to me anyways looks like she wants to label me a depressed which is far from the case.
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    If this is something outta pocket I'd call them up before going through with it to find out for sure.

    They might not be down with going the trt route and you may be wasting your time & money and might as well cut your losses and move on to the right path.

    With me this sorta happened. The dumb bitch nurse I had one time was everywhere besides thinking low test. I had all these bloods done except for test etc. Bullshit was $400+ then I had to fight with my insurance co.

    I ended getting my own bloods done outta pocket and went back with the results and wow like magic she was like "This is your issue. You have low T" and referred me to an endo but not before ordering the same fucking exact test because she was embarrassed I got those done diagnosing myself and following through with it. I used this site to get my bloods scheduled.
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    No out of pocket expsense so far. Clinic visit and blood work covered by the province but I have been looking into paying to get the proper test after. Since I went to a clinic and had to deal with a video call with a doctor and not my GP I’m hoping when he gets the results and we talk I can point him in the right direction. What Kills me is the nurse seemed on board with getting test checked then totally clammed up when the dr gave the blood req.
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    Yea for me I knew my test was fucked up.

    I had the strong signs and when I first went in to the doc I told them I saw a video where the guy had a son who described the symptoms to his father. The father was on trt and knew he had test issues and had his son get bloods and was prescribed trt.

    I told the doctor this was why I was there because I had every sign they mentioned in that video.

    No testosterone test them motherfuckers...

    Std tests, diabetes tests, vitamin d tests etc etc etc. Honestly I hadn't had those tests done in years so part of me did want them done but still....

    I came straight to this site pissed off and ordered bloods and when I was scheduled for my follow up visit I brought my own results with me and shoved them in the docs face saying well you didn't order testosterone bloods which was why I came in last time so I got them done myself. Here you go. All the things they tested for were fine.

    My test was 222. Incredibly low!
    Good thing I didn't leave it at the doc's discretion because they was looking to get me on blood pressure meds and all this bullshit that having low test can cause and was causing me.
    They referred me to an endocrinologist and that was that.

    Don't do what I did but don't let these fucking bullshit docs stop you either.
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    Thanks for the advice. I will prob meet with my regular GP and hope things go better. I’m thinking of getting my own test like you did. Just trying to figure out which service to use here in Ontario
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    Latest update so I called the clinic today and asked the nurse why when I asked for test levels to get checked the doc didn’t put it in the form. She assures me the thyroid testing will check all the T levels and check everything . So I’m headed to the lab tonight after work and we shall see. Should have results online within 24 hrs and I’ll let you know. At this point if my T is normal I’m on the fence as to which way to go. Blast n cruise or cycles with pct. turning 40 this year I have already had a vasectomy so kids isn’t an issue. Diet and training are pretty on point. I was able to go from a weakish 190 to a solid 227-230 as of today (1 yr progress) with minimal bf increase with just creatine and food lol BnC seems a lot more hassle free but what’s the current opinion around here? . Ideally since I have low T symptoms getting a script for that and blasting when I want would be ideal. But maybe cycles with pct is a smarter idea with more options as to when to stop using AAS etc. less damage overall to natural hormones.
  9. Yeah thyroid test is not going to tell you whether testosterone is low, but low thyroid will have a lot of the same symptoms as low testosterone, the first dr I saw re low testosterone thought I had low thyroid I really had to push for him to check, finally did order the test but refused treatment regardless of the numbers.

    I’m also guessing this nurse isn’t a real nurse but more of a medical assistant?
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    Not sure about her qualifications. It’s a weird clinic where the doctors are on video call and she just does an assessment. Maybe she’s confusing the t3 and T4 levels of thyroid with test? I dunno either way I got my results and I show high WBC and bad cholesterol so my reguLar GP should get these results and do a follow up. I’ll ask him about getting the proper blood work and if he’s uncooperative then I’ll end up doing my own. I’ll prob end up on a statin of some sort due to the cholesterol . Any known issues with AAS and Lipitor etc?